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Nicole Ellis

can guinea pigs eat apples?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

Apples are the go-to favorite snack for so many people. They’re sweet, crunchy, juicy, and fit perfectly in your hand… Can guinea pigs eat apples? They can!Apples should be in the treat category of your guinea pig’s diet. This means they’re only given to your cavy sometimes, and not every day. Consider a half-inch cube … Continue Reading

are chinchillas nocturnal

Are Chinchillas Nocturnal?

When you’re considering an addition to the family, it’s good to know their routine and when they will be up and at ‘em. Are chinchillas nocturnal? They’re actually not! But they are close, so it’s not too far off to describe them as nocturnal. There are more terms to describe an animal’s sleep pattern than you … Continue Reading

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