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dont bathe your rabbit

Don’t Bathe the Bunnies

Being submerged in water is more than an unpleasant experience for most rabbits. Even infrequent baths can be traumatic for the average bunny. We’re not talking toddler-protesting-tooth-brushing before bed traumatic. Stressed rabbits can go into shock, making bathing downright dangerous. So, to answer the question “can you bathe a rabbit?” The answer? Absolutely not. If … Continue Reading

Saying goodbye to a pet

When is it time to say goodbye?

Saying goodbye to a pet is totally dreaded. Heart wrenching. Confusing. Dehydrating. Unfortunately, too many of us know too well. Here’s Twix’s story. And mine.  People failed Twix, badly, from the start. I’ll skip the details on that. Then he came to me, and I loved him madly. He was as laid back as a guinea pig … Continue Reading

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