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Rats are popular pets

Rats as pets… Why are they so popular?

I went back and forth on this blog title because basically I just kept thinking “Well, because they’re awesome. Seems like such an obvious answer.” But for real… rats have been kept as pets for over a hundred years (think early 1900s). But even though they’ve been domesticated for quite some time, their popularity has … Continue Reading

healthy snacks for rats

Add These Foods To Your Rat’s Diet

If you have rat relatives, they’re probably at the top of your “most important people to me” list. (Yes, I said “most important people” because I consider animals people. As in, they’re just as special and important as humans. Call me weird. Call me coo-coo. Tell me I’m silly. I don’t care.) And if someone’s … Continue Reading

essential oils and small pet dangers

How To Use Essential Oils Around Pets Safely

By Wendy Dessler  Essential oils are natural substances that can be used to replace harsh chemicals in the home. However, natural doesn’t always mean safe, especially where our pets are concerned. After all, for humans a delicious chocolate truffle is a treat; for dogs, it’s a threat. When using essential oils in the home, it’s important to … Continue Reading

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