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chinchilla cage setup

How to Get Your Chinchilla Cage Setup For Foraging

Humans love adventure. If you don’t think you do then just look at how your entertainment and meals change day to day. That’s adventure in the eyes of a chinchilla and they want that for their chinchilla cage setup. Chinchillas want to unleash their innate instincts and satisfy their inquisitive spirit. So let’s give them something … Continue Reading

what do chinchillas eat?

What Do Chinchillas Eat? A Comprehensive Nutrition Guide

Wild chinchillas spend their days munching on grass, leaves, and twigs. But in the domestic world, what do chinchillas eat? They won’t be exploring the mountainside, they need a space set up with plenty of nutrients and fiber! Whether you’re a seasoned chinchilla parent or new to the world of small pets, this guide has got … Continue Reading

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