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bunny body language

Bunny Body Language

Rabbits talk to fellow buns as well as to us hoomans, but not in the traditional sense. The best way to understand what your rabbit is trying to communicate is to observe her body language. A rabbit’s ears are incredibly expressive. She also expresses herself through vocalizations, movements, and other behavior cues you’ll start to … Continue Reading

Best 5 rat toys

Five Best Rat Toys

Imagine being stuck in a cage all day. Boring… times infinity plus one. But if you absolutely didn’t have a choice, and had to be confined to a cage all day, I’m gonna guess you’d probably want a thing or two to keep you busy and entertained until someone came home to let you out. … Continue Reading

Why do rabbits bite?

Why Does My Rabbit Bite?

Every rabbit is unique. Some are more affectionate than others, and some prefer to spend more time doing their own thing. It’s important we try to see the world from their point of view and attempt to understand their individual languages. It’s easy to interpret biting as “mean,” for example, but it could be your … Continue Reading

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