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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

Why Dogs Eat Grass.

(Hoo)man’s best friend does a lot of things that perplex their person. In our Dog’s Sense of Smell article , we discussed head-scratching behaviors like bum sniffing and reading pee-mail. Today we’re going to explain why dogs eat grass. Here’s a true story.  Late last summer, I’m sitting in my outside office, doing work for Small … Continue Reading

Rats are popular pets

Rats as pets… Why are they so popular?

I went back and forth on this blog title because basically I just kept thinking “Well, because they’re awesome. Seems like such an obvious answer.” But for real… rats have been kept as pets for over a hundred years (think early 1900s). But even though they’ve been domesticated for quite some time, their popularity has … Continue Reading

Why do cats do that?

Why Do Cats Do That?

Ever since ancient Egypt, cats have confused humans, including the Small Pet Select staff. Understanding our feline friends is high on our priority list, and we recently published Watch that Tail—Kitty Communication. Continuing this theme, we’re going to explain 10 weird cat behaviors, increasing our fluency in “cat.”Why do cats like baskets and boxes?Recently, I … Continue Reading

bunny medical alert

Medical Alert: Rabbits

My friend woke at 4 a.m. to a clamor. Her rabbit stood at the bottom of the stairs thumping and thumping. She had never heard him thump before. Turned out the diabetic cat was extremely ill; she rushed him to the emergency vet. The rabbit was calling for help for his cat buddy. In the United … Continue Reading

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