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Symptoms of a sick hamster

Is My Hamster Sick?

My Hamster’s Acting Off… Is He Sick?Pet parents know their babies better than anyone. And when your usually happy-go-lucky little guy is acting or looking different, it’s worrisome and scary. But before going into full-blown panic mode, it’s important to understand if they’re actually ill, or if they’re just having an off day. So what … Continue Reading

What is causing my bunny's itchy skin?

Dry Skin in Rabbits

It’s not unusual for rabbits to shed twice a year (need to switch up that coat to stay seasonally fashionable). But if dry skin comes along with the shedding, there may be something more going on. While normal shedding can result in patchy fur, flaky skin – especially when accompanied by itching – can hint … Continue Reading

lethal white guinea pigs

Lethal White Guinea Pigs

Lethal white guinea pigs may have a shorter lifespan than normal piggies, but they still have plenty of love to give. Most are blind and missing one or more front teeth. Some are also deaf, and many will have chronic dental disease, deformities, neurological deficiencies, and gastrointestinal problems. While their time with us may be … Continue Reading

My rabbit's pee looks weird

Rabbit Urine Color

Help! My Rabbit’s Pee is a Weird ColorWhen we think of “normal” rabbit pee, most of us are familiar with that cloudy, pale yellow color. But a healthy rabbit’s urine can range from almost clear to dark yellow, bright orange, brown or deep red. In most cases technicolor urine isn’t anything to worry about. Some … Continue Reading

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