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Is baking soda toxic to guinea pigs?

Is Baking Soda Toxic to Guinea Pigs?

Small animal lovers fight plenty of losing battles every day. Stray guinea pig hay finds its way to a spotless carpet minutes after the vacuum cleaner’s job is done. Your black sweater laughs at the lint roller’s attempt to remove all signs of snuggles with your furry BFF. And odor? Even the most diligent cage … Continue Reading

Symptoms of a sick hamster

Is My Hamster Sick?

My Hamster’s Acting Off… Is He Sick?Pet parents know their babies better than anyone. And when your usually happy-go-lucky little guy is acting or looking different, it’s worrisome and scary. But before going into full-blown panic mode, it’s important to understand if they’re actually ill, or if they’re just having an off day. So what … Continue Reading

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