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Chicken crop problems

Chicken Crop Problems

Backyard chickens are super fun to watch as they chase and peck at the dirt for yummy goodies. They are usually not terribly picky about their menu choices either, which is why their digestive system is pretty complex. Like many birds, chicken rely on their crop for proper food digestion. The crop is a muscular pouch … Continue Reading

to neuter or not

Should I Neuter My Rat?

Surgery can be scary. Especially if you’re a worrier… like me. And the decision to opt for an elective surgery, sometimes, can be an even more difficult one. Neutering isn’t necessary, but often, has serious benefits.Neutering is a surgical procedure where the testicles are removed, hence a male animal becomes infertile.YES OR NO? SHOULD I … Continue Reading

chinchilla bumblefoot

Chinchilla Bumblefoot

Chinchilla BumblefootBumblefoot. What the heck is it? I mean, it definitely sounds quirky. It almost sounds kind of like a cute nickname. But it’s not cute, and it’s not a nickname. Bumblefoot is defined as an infection or inflammation of the footpad(s) and connective tissues of the foot. A callous will often grow on the … Continue Reading

arthritis in rabbits

Arthritis in Rabbits

​Getting older has its perks. Wisdom. Unlimited half naps. Smaller indoor buns can see lifespans into their teens, and even larger household rabbits can push 10 years or more. But with age comes some pesky rites of passage. Most rabbits over six years of age have arthritis to some degree, but younger rabbits aren’t immune … Continue Reading

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