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It is National Hairstyle Appreciation Day, so…

Whoever came up with this national day of recognition, we bet they missed the best hairstyles out there: rabbits and guinea pigs.Honestly.  What human has better hair than this? credit: pinterestWe’ve got the classic Mohawk. credit: pinterestA kind of retro swingy 60s look works great for this rabbit. credit: pinterestThere’s no denying street cred to […]

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Rescue Love Stories Contest, Easter Edition

Have you got a rabbit friend who once was someone’s Easter rabbit?  Tell us about how you and your rabbit found each other!From all our entries, we’ll pick three randomly to receive a the kind of Easter bunnies we believe in: chocolate ones!  (These are extra yummy Lake Champlain Chocolate buns.)Just click below and don’t […]

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Do you attend rabbit events?

Rabbit events are a great way to meet like-minded bunny lovers, and, well, there’s all the cute.  Cute everywhere.There are rabbit jumping contests like this one (click the pic below to watch the video):​ And of course there is the famous Midwest Bunfest, put on every year by the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue.  This year […]

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Clone of Little People and Little Animals: teaching kids about rabbits and guinea pigs.

Rabbits and guinea pigs can be terrific friends for children, and the relationship can be rewarding for everyone involved.  It takes some work, though, parents.  The main themes aren’t that different than sharing your home with a dog, or cat, or really even other humans!  Teaching kids how to live with and love tiny animals […]

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