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It was Friday afternoon. Daffy sat in her kennel at the shelter. Snuggled up beside her was her bond mate, Bugs. The two of them had been found as strays and turned into the shelter. Three months had passed by, but no one wanted to adopt them.

Oh, everyone wanted Daffy. She was a cute, fluffy Lionhead. But Bugs was born with a birth defect and his back legs were kind of wonky. He could get around on his own, but he looked funny walking. So, no one wanted him. But Daffy refused to go without Bugs. She was very protective of him. They had been through thick and thin together.

Daffy pretended to be asleep, but she had one ear raised so she could listen to the humans talking. She heard them say, “Well, we just took in 14 rabbits, so we need more space. Daffy could be adopted quickly, but not Bugs. I guess we’ll have to put him on the list. We’ll give him until Monday and reach out to the rescues to see if they can help.”

Daffy was alarmed. She thought, “No! Not the list! No bun ever wants to be on that list.” She didn’t want to lose Bugs. What to do? Daffy spelled out “SOS” with her poop, hoping to attract some attention.

Word spread quickly. It was Friday evening when Auntie Heather from The Rabbit Haven rescue called Dad and asked, “Do you think you could get Abigail to write up a post to help these guys? She’s such a good writer! We don’t have much time. Just two days!” Dad replied, “Yes, I’m sure she’ll help.”

Dad explained the situation to Abigail, and she hopped right on it. Stat! She wrote up a plea for help and attached it to one of the adoption photos that Dad had taken. Auntie Heather posted it everywhere. Over the weekend, offers wanting to help poured in. Auntie Heather screened them carefully and found one couple who sounded perfect! They were experienced with rabbits, having had them in the past, and they had just moved into a large house so they had plenty of space for the rabbits to roam.

As Dad gave Abigail her nightly pet on Sunday night, he said, “You did good, little girl! Your post worked. I’m going to pick up Bugs and Daffy tomorrow and deliver them to their new parents. They’ll stay together and be safe.” Abigail was relieved. “That was close!” she thought. She was thrilled that they had found a loving home, like every rabbit deserves.

Daffy spells out SOS with her poop to attract attention. It works!

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