The World Though the Eyes of an Endearing Little Rabbit

Abigail tells us how she sees the world every week. She talks about her private spaces, her home, her relationships, different food experiments...and trying to navigate the human world while maintaining her marvelous rabbitness.
Abigail's vet visit

Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Vet Visit”

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Pin0 CHAPTER 37 – Vet Visit “Abigail, are you crying?” asked Dad. The fur around her right eye was matted and damp. “Hmmm. Maybe we’d better have the vet take a look at you,” suggested Dad. Abigail didn’t like the word vet. She ran for cover. Dad set her carrier down on the … Continue Reading
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Foraging for Fun

Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Foraging for Fun”

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Pin0 CHAPTER 36 – Foraging Fun After watching Abigail’s German bun pals search around for their food, Dad realized that serving up greens on a platter may have taken away part of what Abigail was naturally born to do—hunt plants! Dad wasn’t going to let Abigail outside in the yard—too many risks with … Continue Reading
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