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Chapter 218 – Bentley’s Castle

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CHAPTER 218 – Bentley’s Castle

Bentley was napping in his penthouse apartment under Dad’s bed when the sound of Dad’s footsteps woke him up. He peered out and saw Dad’s feet as he entered the bedroom.

“Bentley!” said Dad, “I have something for you!” Being a curious rabbit, Bentley slunk out from under the bed to see what Dad had brought him. 

“The company sent Abigail this castle to do some product testing. She thought you might like to try it out.” Dad set the castle down on the floor on top of some fleece. Bentley hopped over to investigate. The castle was made of natural wood. Instead of paint, there were some cute little engravings on it for decoration. He sniffed it and then gave it a chew. “This is good,” he thought, “I can chew on it and it’s safe!” 

The castle had two doors and a window. Bentley looked over the front door and went inside. For a five pound medium-sized bunny like him, there was plenty of room inside to turnaround and lay down. He flopped on his side. “Yep,” he thought, “I could take afternoon naps in here!” 

Then Bentley stood up and started digging. “Oooh,” he thought, “I could dig in here and get my exercise, too!” 

He strolled out the side entrance. “Hmmm,” he thought, “This is good in case I need to make a quick getaway.” Bunnies always liked to have multiple entrances and exits so they couldn’t be trapped. 

Bentley wandered around the outside. To his delight, Dad had installed an optional hay manger on one of the walls. “Wow, a snack bar!” thought Bentley, as he nibbled on some hay. 

Bentley stood up on his back feet to look at the roof. It was very sturdy so he could use it for a perch if he wanted to see across the room. 

Bentley did a little binky. “I take it you approve?” asked Dad. Bentley thought, “Oh yes! I love it. I give it two ears up! May I haves it?” Dad gave Bentley a little pat on the head and said, “Sure, sweetie. Abigail said you can keep it if you like it.” 

Bentley went back inside his new castle and flopped down. With his work done, it was time for another afternoon nap!

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