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CHAPTER 222 – Born to Run

Abigail at her typewriter


CHAPTER 222 – Born to Run

One lazy summer day, Abigail was rooting for a piece of hay in her hay tunnel when she heard Dad call out her name, “Abigail, I need your help.”

She popped her head out of the hay tunnel and looked over at Dad. He continued, “The Palo Alto Humane Society invited me to give a presentation about rabbits to a bunch of summer camp kids. Kind of a ‘Rabbit 101’ class. You know, things you should know about rabbits before you consider one as a pet. What do you think is the most important message I should get across?”

Abigail thought for a moment. There were so many; Rabbits are prey animals. Rabbits don’t like to be picked up. Rabbits can live for 11 years or more. Then she remembered her days before she came to live at the House of Buns – where she lived inside a little cage – longing to run free. That was it! She thought, “Dad, tell them bunnies were born to run. We need lots of space to do that. We don’t belong in cages!”

Dad replied, “Oh, that’s a good one! What’s a good way to show them that? If I bring you there, you’ll be inside an ex-pen, so all they’ll see is you sitting still. Which is what most people think of when they think of rabbits.”

Abigail thought for a bit. Then she had a wonderful idea! She thought, “Dad, you have all these cameras. Show them a video of rabbits running free around the house!” Dad replied, “Oooh, good idea, Abigail! Can you help me with that?” Abigail thought, “Sure!”

Abigail rounded up the fluffle at the House of Buns and told them, “OK guys. We need to show people what rabbits do when they are free to roam.” Bentley was first, “I know! I’ll run really fast through my territory. All they’ll see is a white flash!” “Excellent,” said Abigail.

Enzo and Turbo looked at each other and said, “We can just play like we always do – during the day and all night!” Abigail said, “That’s good!” Then they asked, “What are you going to do?”

Abigail said, “Everybody thinks that small bunnies need less room, which is not true. I’m going to show them how fast I can run if I have enough space and how happy we are when we binky and run zoomies!”

For the next few days, they went about their lives, running and playing while the cameras rolled. Dad reviewed the footage and said, “You guys did great! This should work.” He pieced together several segments and set it to music.

After a few hours, Dad said, “OK, Abigail. I’m done. Come take a look.” Abigail hopped over and watched the video play. She giggled at the parts where she binkied and where Turbo and Enzo chased each other. She thought, “I bet most of them have never seen bunnies in action like this. This should do the trick!”

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