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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Chapter 209 – Free to Roam

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 209 – Free to Roam        

Enzo was excited. “Want to come out and play?” asked Dad. Ezno stood by the ex-pen door, waiting for it to open. After breakfast, he could come out and play with Abigail until bed time. Then he went back to his space for the night.

As soon as the door opened, he ran over to Abigail. “Hi Abigail, how are you?” he asked. Abigail still did not trust Enzo entirely. She would sit right next to him if there was an ex-pen between them, but not when they were in the same space. Abigail ran off. Enzo followed her for a little. But when Abigail didn’t want to play, he wandered off to check out the hay tunnel.

Over the past 7 months since Enzo came to live at the House of Buns, little by little, Enzo’s territory had expanded and his time with Abigail had increased. First, his territory was limited to the guest room. Then, Dad expanded it into the living room using an ex-pen so he could be “part of the action” but still be separated from Abigail.

Once Enzo and Abigail got to know each other through “the fence”, Dad let Enzo out to play in the evenings while he could be in the room to supervise. There was a bit of chasing, but never any fighting or fur pulling. Abigail didn’t like confrontation, so she would just keep her distance from Enzo. Eventually, Dad trusted them enough to let them be together from morning until bedtime.

Dad asked Abigail, “Abigail, would you be OK with Enzo staying out full time now?” Abigail thought, “Yes, I guess that would be OK.” Before Enzo came along, her days and nights were spent just loafing by the window. She certainly got more exercise and entertainment now with Enzo!

Dad looked at Enzo and asked, “Enzo, would you like to free-roam 24/7?” Enzo was excited. “Yes!” he thought.

Just to be sure things were OK, Dad set up cameras in the room that night so he could see what happened while he was asleep. The next morning, he looked through the videos. For the most part, their nights were the same as their days. A little chasing followed by each doing their own thing. Around 4 AM, Enzo retired back into his room to nap and Abigail went back to her spot by the window to nap. All was good.

And so, after seven months, the walls came down. Dad put away the ex-pen and left the guest room door wide open.

Although they weren’t “bondmates”, they seemed to be able to “mutually coexist” in the same space, like brother and sister. Dad hoped that perhaps over time, Abigail would learn to trust Enzo enough to let him get closer. But at least for now, they were a family!

Enzo earns full time free roam privileges since he and Abigail can "mutually coexist."

Enzo earns full time free roam privileges since he and Abigail can "mutually coexist."

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