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Through Abigail’s Eye: Chapter 205 – Rabbit Communication

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 205 – Rabbit Communication

As nonchalantly as he could, Dad strolled over to Abigail and knelt down in front of her. “Hi baby, guess what? It’s spa day!”

Abigail had been around the block a few times, and she KNEW he was up to something. Immediately, she thumped and took off behind the couch.

But Dad had been around the block a few times as well. Anticipating her move, he had blocked off the exit with a large pillow. He followed her behind the couch and waited. Abigail pushed into the corner, trying to squirm past the pillow, but Dad had wedged it firmly in place. It was too tall to jump. She turned around and ran back the other way. Right into Dad’s waiting arms. Oops.

Dad caught her and chuckled, “I gotcha!” As he gently stroked her tiny ears, he whispered, “Calm down, sweetie. We’re not going to the vet or anything. It’s just spa day.”

First, Dad checked her weight on the baby scale. “Holding steady at 1.8 lbs.” he reported. Then he cleaned her scent glands, checked her ears, and felt for any lumps or bumps. All clear.

Then it was nail trim time. Like most bunnies, Abigail hated being messed with. After a bit of squirming, she settled down in Dad’s lap while he clipped her nails. Finally, it was time to brush her. Abigail always liked this part. Dad used a soft rubber brush and gently stroked her coat, removing all the loose fur without pulling too hard. Abigail closed her eyes and relaxed.

After about ten minutes of brushing and petting, Dad gave Abigail a little kiss on the head and set her down on the floor. “OK, now it’s Bentley’s turn!” he announced.

He went downstairs, but before he even entered the bedroom, Bentley thumped. He ran past Dad and dove under the table to hide. Dad laughed, “Bentley, how did you even know it’s spa day?”

Bentley, cowering under the table, thought, “Abigail warned us with a ‘thumpogram’! She said, ‘Watch out guys, it’s spa day!’”

Dad just shook his head in disbelief. Rabbit communication was amazing.

Bentley gets Abigail's "thumpogram" warning and hides under the table.

Bentley gets Abigail's "thumpogram" warning and hides under the table.

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