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Belinda Says Hay: my laptop Is broken

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hello. It's belInda.

happy mother's day to everyone who celebrates. I hope you get your favorIte treat today.

by now you’ve notIced that thIs blog Is a dIsaster. just look at the letters.

they are supposed to be ‘uppercase’ but somethIng hInky Is goIng on.

only the I button Is uppercase and to make It worse It’s stuck lIke that. I've trIed everythIng.

I trIed shakIng thIs laptop a lIttle but that dIdn't work. also held down the f10 button. nothIng.

you mIght be askIng yourself 'what about the tech team.' I don't dare bother them.

they'll ask me why don't I use my 'spokesrabbIt app.' whIch Is not funny In my opInIon.

because what they mean by that Is my roommate. when I get Into a jam wIth the Internet or emaIl password she fIxes It.

my roommate Is good wIth computer gIzmos. I guess It's because she's on the laptop all day.

she's supposed to be workIng but I see her watchIng movIes or shoppIng. she thInks I don't notIce what's on her screen but I do.

anyway enough gossIp about my poor roommate. she's not feelIng well today.

she brought breakfast down to me and lIttle fang and she dIdn't even say good mornIng. she just waved and went back upstaIrs. then we heard her walk up to the bedroom level.

not a peep sInce. now It's almost sIx o'clock.

by the way In case you are wondering, lIttle fang and I have food. 'quIte a bIt of hay' If you know what I mean. plus my stash.

but If my rooommate doesn't show up wIth our dInner salads I'll just go upstaIrs and thump.

thIs blog Is not professIonal but there's nothIng else I can do.

needless to say my specIal blog about the loo Is delayed. I'm sorry about all of thIs.



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