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Belinda Says Hay: “What Should I Write About Next Week?”

Hello. It's Belinda.

How many times can you rewrite a sentence before you give up?

"Asking for a friend."

That's not true. I'm asking for me.

I'm working on my blog for next weekend. My fifth anniversary on the job. I can't believe it.

I have a big surprise planned for everyone so that part's done. Which is a big relief. Worked on it for months.

But now I have to write a special anniversary blog and I'm in a big jam. Every time I start a sentence I freeze. Rewrite it over and over.

I've written almost 260 blogs. I should be able to write a sentence without changing it. Come on.

Plus I made a big mistake in today's "header." I hope you didn't notice it.

The Tech Team had to add a word. It looks terrible.

Anyway here are some of my "big ideas" for my blog so far:

  • 5 big surprises about having a job
  • 5 of my favorite blogs so far
  • 5 ways to clean hay out of a keyboard
  • 5 of my best inventions which didn't get past the team
  • 5 reasons digging in the carpet helps me to succeed at work

That's as far as I got. Just the headlines.

Did you ever get hungry at work? Snacks can help you to "clear your mind."

I'm on my fourth hay break. It's not even noon.

OK enough of this. "Enough of this Belinda."

That's me talking to myself. 

Little Fang doesn't like that. If anyone is going to chatter away when I'm trying to work, it's going to be Little Fang.

I hope you have a good week. Thank you for reading my blog.



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