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Belinda Says Hay: “I Wrote an Ad.”

Belinda Says Hay blog: "I Wrote an Ad"

Hello. It’s Belinda.

Have you tried my new hay cubes yet?

Sorry to nag. It's all I think about.

And I guess it's rude to call them "my" hay cubes. I’m not the one driving the tractor.

But this is the first product I’ve been able to move “off the drawing board” and onto the website. So I want it to be a big hit.

I even volunteered to help with the marketing. “Why not” if you know what I mean.

My agent said I don’t know anything about marketing but that’s where she is wrong.

First of all, I see a lot of ads. My roommate has magazines all over the place, including old-timey ones on the bookshelf. I used to pull them down to chew the pages but that was the old Belinda. I learn a lot from magazines.

Also my agent forgets I’m on the team calls. I usually nod off but I’m awake for some of it. I hear the “chit chat” about headlines and Google and such. 

You can teach an old rabbit new tricks and that means writing ads. I decided to "whip up" a few just to prove myself.  I can do more than pose for photos.

So one afternoon a few weeks ago I dragged a one-pound bag of hay cubes into my office. Chewed the bag open and dumped the cubes on the floor. For inspiration.

After I ate five or six I stretched out to relax. That's when one perfectly shaped cube caught my eye. 

I pushed the others to the side so I could focus on this “spokescube.”

Timothy hay cube

Hay cubes are a fun and healthy snack.

You can see why I chose it.

And this might sound odd but I could hear the cube “talking” to me. Because suddenly I had so many ideas for headlines I could hardly type them fast enough.

You can guess what happened next. 

I heard “you-know-who” on the steps. My roommate. Walking down to the bottom floor.

Which would be fine if she were only loading the dryer or refilling the water bowls.

But no. She poked her head around the wall to see what I was doing. That’s when she noticed the hay cube.

“How’s the marketing project going Belinda?”

I lowered my ears to show I was too busy to talk. 

Then she said it.

 “What’s up with that cube? Looks more like a trapezoid.”

I ignored her.

“Wait! Not a trapezoid. A rhombus. It's a hay parallelogram. Hahahaha!”

She fell against the wall. I didn’t even turn my head.

I heard her walk across the room to my boyfriend’s companion. Banged her foot into the pen as she climbed inside.

“Did you hear that, Little Fang? Belinda’s selling hay rhombuses!” More laughing.

You might wonder how I got anything done after that. Not easy, to tell you the truth.

And it wasn't easy to get my headlines approved either. And that's because ... 

Well this is nice. I just noticed the time.

I didn’t even get to the main point of this blog and I have to send it to my agent now.

I also did not get a chance to mention my other big news. About a new product and I don’t mean hay cubes. (A snacker. Shhh.)

“Stay tuned.”

Now my agent is pinging me on the company email gizmo. Asking me about this blog.

Sorry gotta go.



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