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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Dad Visits the Bun Pals”

Dad Visits the Bun Pals

CHAPTER 35 – Dad Visits the Bun Pals

“Abigail, I’m going to be gone for a few days. I’m going to Germany to visit your bun pals, Iby and Pancake,” explained Dad. Abigail thought, “I want to meet them, too. May I go with you?”

Dad gave Abigail a pet, and explained, “I’m sorry Abigail, but it’s a very long airplane ride. You’d be stuck in the carrier for many hours. I don’t think you would enjoy it. I think it’s better if you stay here.”

“Who will look after me while you’re gone?” she wondered. “Don’t worry Abigail, I’ve got that covered. Our friend Hana is going to stay here with you. That way, you can stay where you’re comfortable and still have company. She will feed you greens twice a day. I’ll be sure and leave plenty of hay for you, too.” Abigail thought that was great. She didn’t want to be boarded in some strange place with other animals.

Dad was excited to meet Iby and Pancake “in rabbit”. Abigail sent along some willow wreaths and snackers for her bun pals to try. Their mom, Anouk, introduced Dad to them. “Guten tag! How are you?” asked Dad. Like bunnies everywhere, Iby and Pancake were a bit wary of the stranger. Dad held out a willow wreath for them. “This is from your American cousin, Abigail,” he explained. Curious, the two bunnies sniffed the wreath and quickly began devouring it. “Wow, this is good!” they thought.

Anouk took the bunnies out to their fenced-in yard to play. Dad laid down in the grass and watched with curiosity. They hopped around the yard and nibbled on fresh grass, and then occasionally dove into the garden to chew on a plant. Sometimes, they followed each other, but for the most part, they explored on their own. They foraged for food, just like their wild cousins did! That gave Dad an idea. “Perhaps I should hide treats around the house for Abigail to find,” he thought.

Meanwhile, back at home, the days passed slowly for Abigail. She missed Dad playing with her and petting her. She missed the treats! The house was very quiet when he wasn’t home.

One night, she heard some familiar footsteps approaching the front door. “Could it be Dad?” she wondered. Just in case, she hid out of sight. But as the door opened, she heard his familiar voice. “Abigail! I’m home! How are you, baby?” Abigail’s tiny little ears perked up. It was Dad!

Dad came over and laid on the floor and gave her a pet. Abigail was conflicted. She was miffed at him for leaving her, but happy he was back. At first, Abigail gave him the bunny butt. But after awhile, she decided that all that really mattered was that Dad was back. She ran circles around the room and binkied. She was a happy girl again!

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