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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Furry Alarm Clocks

Through Abigail's Eyes: Furry Alarm Clocks

CHAPTER 67 – Furry Alarm Clocks

Daylight flooded into the House of Buns. Dad was not a morning person. He liked to stay up until 2 AM and sleep in until 8:30 AM. But his furry alarm clocks had other plans.

Bentley popped his head out of his burrow and looked around. He was ready to start the day. He bolted into Dad’s bedroom. Time for zoomies! He circled the room several times and ran back and forth under the bed. “Come on Dad! Time to wake up!” he thought. But Dad didn’t budge.

A light jolt on the bed woke Dad up from a sound sleep. Bentley hopped up onto the bed and sat down on Dad’s back. “Are you awake?” thought Bentley. The first furry alarm clock had gone off. “Good morning, B-boy,” said Dad sleepily. Dad rolled over on his side and Bentley laid down beside him on the bed. He lowered his head and rested his chin on the bed. “Pets please,” he thought, looking up at Dad with his big brown eyes. Dad’s heart melted. Gently, Dad stroked Bentley’s head and ears and massaged his temples. He cherished these moments, even if it cost him some sleep.

Above him, he heard the second furry alarm clock go off. He could hear Abigail running full speed across the living room floor above him. It made him smile to know Abigail was free to run whenever she wanted. He had rabbit-proofed the entire floor, and besides, she was a good girl, never destructive, so he never worried about leaving her free to roam.

Done with her zoomies, Abigail ran over to her digging spot by the side of the bookcase. She dug furiously on the carpet. She loved to dig! She didn’t tear up the carpet, she just pawed at it. It was her cardio workout. She knew Dad would soon be up to bring her breakfast.

Done with his pets, Bentley hopped off the bed. Dad sat up and wiped the sleep from his eyes and smiled. He couldn’t think of a better way to start the day than with his furry alarm clocks. Life with bunnies was good!

Bentley the furry alarm clock

Bentley hops up onto the bed to wake up Dad.

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