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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Magic Garden Visit”

Magic Garden Visit

CHAPTER 38 – A Visit to the Magic Garden

“Abigail, do you want to go with me to the magic garden?” asked Dad. Abigail had often heard Dad say he was going to the magic garden to get food, and then he’d come home with bunches of cilantro, dandelion leaves, and other tasty treats. “Oh yes! I’ve always wanted to see the magic garden!” she thought.

Dad set her carrier down on the floor, and Abigail hopped in. “OK, let’s go,” said Dad. A short ride later, they arrived at “the magic garden.” Dad gently lifted Abigail out of her carrier and held her in his arms.

Abigail watched with fascination as they walked through the garden. The colors. The smells. It wasn’t what she expected, though. Instead of a garden with plants growing, all the vegetables and fruits were neatly lined up in rows. Dad gave her a tour. “Over here is where they keep your favorite cilantro,” he said. She took a deep breath of the sweet-smelling cilantro. It smelled so good! Abigail saw rows of carrots, lettuce, dandelions, as well as some other vegetables she had never seen before.

“And over here is the apple orchard,” explained Dad. Abigail saw rows and rows of red, yellow, and green apples. Dad held her close so she could smell all the different apples. “They smell so good!” she thought.

Just then, James, the manager of the magic garden came over. “So this is Abigail! Hello Abigail. I’ve heard all about you!” He gave her a little pet and offered her some cilantro. But Abigail was too busy checking things out to eat. “I have to take your picture to show my wife,” he said, “She loves bunnies!” Abigail politely struck her cutest pose for him.

As they continued through the garden, Abigail heard other customers say, “Awwww, so cute!” and they’d stop and give her a pet. She didn’t mind. She was getting more and more used to humans petting her. Just as long as she was in Dad’s arms, she felt safe.

“So, Abigail. What do you think?” asked Dad. Abigail thought about it for a bit and wondered, “Can we have our own magic garden?” Dad smiled. “Well, maybe,” he said. The wheels started turning. 

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