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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Moods”

Bunny mood swings

CHAPTER 19 – Moods

One bright sunny morning, Abigail sat crouched in her spot, surveying her territory. She was about to start her morning patrol, to see if anything had changed overnight in her area. Just then, Dad came in the room with his laptop, ready to work.

“Aww, Abigail, you look so cute!” he swooned. “May I give you a pet?” he asked. He knelt down beside her and reached out his hand. But right away, he could tell from her body language that she was not in the mood. “Not now!” grunted Abigail, “I need to go on patrol!” She ran off.

“Oh, OK,” said Dad, trying not to take it personally. He sat down with his laptop and went to work. Meanwhile, Abigail made the rounds around the room. She checked behind the couches. She peeked behind the bar. She checked out her bolt-to entrances to make sure they were clear. And then she stopped by her breakfast tray for a little mid-morning snack.

Patrol completed, she loped over to her rest spot and washed her face. Dad watched out of the corner of his eye, trying to resist her cuteness. As any bun parent will tell you, there’s nothing cuter than a bunny washing her ears.

All done, she settled into her loaf position. A few minutes later, Dad heard a chattering sound. He looked over at her. Abigail chattered her teeth at him. He chattered his teeth back at her and waited for a response. Abigail chattered back, “I’m ready for my pet, now!”  

Dad knelt down in front of her, and held out his hand. Abigail sniffed it, and lowered her head, granting him permission to pet. Dad obliged, and began to rub her head. Abigail closed her eyes and relaxed. “Now I’m in the mood!” she thought.

Bunnies – just like humans – have moods. There’s a time and place for everything!      

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