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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Personalities”

Through Abigails Eyes: Personalities

CHAPTER 62 – ​Personalities

Abigail lived on the main floor of the house and had never ventured downstairs to visit Dad’s burrow. One day, Dad carried her downstairs just to give her a tour, but when he brought her back upstairs and set her down, she foot-flicked him in a disapproving manner as she hopped off. “No thanks, Dad. Too much territory to patrol!” she thought. She was quite content living on one floor. Consequently, she didn’t mind so much when Bentley, the new rabbit family member,  moved in downstairs.

Dad was excited. He missed having his cat sleep on the bed with him and thought Bentley might take her place. Bentley was looking around for a place he could call his own. His burrow. Dad gently lifted Bentley onto the bed to show him he was welcome. The ever-curious Bentley hopped over to the rows of pillows and immediately began burrowing into them. “Hmmm. This could work,” thought Bentley. Like most rabbits, he began rearranging the pillows to suit his needs, because humans never quite got the placement right.

At night, Bentley hopped onto the bed and slept amongst the pillows. He was usually gone by morning, off exploring his world. He’d return later in the day to nap. Sometimes, when Dad came home, he’d call Bentley’s name, and two ears would pop up from behind the pillows. It was very cute, and it made him smile.

Unlike Abigail, Bentley was a chewer. Before long, he found himself chewing on the pillow cases. One day, Dad went to change the bed and discovered Bentley had decorated his burrow in the Swiss cheese motif. Bentley had chewed holes through the bottom of the pillow cases and the expensive sheets. Dad knew that rabbit’s teeth are growing constantly, so there was probably no stopping him. He had to come up with an alternative.

Dad placed a couple of old bath towels under the pillows. “Here, chew on these,” he said to Bentley. Bentley—a smart bunny—got the message and began chewing on the towels instead. Dad was about to discover that rabbits—just like people—have different personalities, and that Bentley and Abigail were very unique individuals.   

Bentley makes himself at home

Bentley peeks out from his new burrow on Dad's bed

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