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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Thanksgiving (80)

Abigail at her typewriter


It was almost Thanksgiving. There was a crispness in the air outside that told Abigail it was Fall. The sky was a vivid blue and the leaves were a brilliant gold and orange.

It was spa day for Abigail. Time to get a mani/pedi followed by a brushing and a massage. Dad brought Abigail to The Rabbit Haven’s monthly nail trim and health check clinic, which was also an adoption event.

Abigail snuggled tightly into Dad’s arms as he carried her around. She looked across the rows of exercise pens. Each one was equipped with a colorful fleece blanket, a hay dispenser, a bowl of water, a stuffed animal friend, and a litter box. And inside each pen was a bunny looking for a home—a furever home.

Auntie Heather helps lots of rabbits find homes

Abigail's auntie helps a lot of rabbits!

As they passed by, some of the bunnies stood up on their back feet to say “hi”. But most just rested in their pens, having a chew on some hay, and wondering if today would be the day they found their furever home. “Don’t worry,” Abigail reassured them, “Some kind human will come for you and give you a good home soon. Auntie Heather will make sure of that!” It was not unusual for Auntie Heather to find homes for ten or more bunnies at each of these events. Indeed, Bentley found his furever home through Auntie Heather. She was very careful to screen prospective bun parents and give them training on how to properly care for their new friend.

Seeing all of these bunnies looking for homes made Abigail think back on how her life had changed after coming to live with Dad. How she went from being a caged bunny to having full-time free roam of a big house. And instead of being neglected, now her Dad spent hours every day with her. How she went from eating just pellets to having fresh greens twice a day, fresh willow leaves, and choices of three kinds of fresh hay! And treats, too! But mostly, she was more relaxed and happy, knowing that she was safe, loved, cherished, and respected. She felt lucky—and thankful.

She looked up at Dad as if to say, “Thank you for rescuing me and giving me a wonderful home! I hope these bunnies are as lucky as I am and find their loving homes soon!” Dad smiled and gave her a kiss on the head and replied, “I do, too, Abigail. I love you with all my heart. You are the most important thing in the world to me. And these bunnies deserve the same.”

Thanksgiving was a time to be thankful. And Dad and Abigail were both thankful for their life together.   

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