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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “The Watch Bunny”

Through Abigail's Eyes - The Watch Bunny

CHAPTER 44 – The Watch Bunny

Late one night, Dad was laying on the living room floor watching a video, when suddenly, Abigail came bounding in from the dining room. She stopped in front of him. thump!” she stomped, and stared at him. Dad paused the video and asked, “What? What is it?” Again, Abigail stomped her back feet, “Thump!” Her ears were straight up. She was on red alert!

“I don’t hear anything,” said Dad. Abigail ran behind the couch and hid. Knowing that her ears were much more sensitive than his, Dad thought he’d better go check things out. He went into the dining room and looked around. Nothing seemed out of place. Abigail peeked out from behind the couch and thought, “Look outside, Dad!”

Dad went over to the sliding door by the deck and turned on the outside lights. “Whoa!” he exclaimed. “Right? I told you!” thought Abigail. Staring back at him were two very large raccoons. One stood up on his back feet to make himself taller, partly curious, partly challenging. But definitely not afraid. Dad opened the door just a crack, but the raccoons didn’t budge. “What?” they asked defiantly, looking like a couple of tough school yard bullies. Dad decided to leave them alone and close the door. He watched them for awhile until they finally meandered off into the night.

Dad went over to the couch where Abigail was still hiding. “It’s OK now, Abigail. The raccoons are gone. Good girl! You’re a good watch bunny!” he praised. Abigail relaxed. She had done her part to protect her fluffle, even if her fluffle was just her and Dad. And she knew she could count on Dad to protect her!    

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