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Top Fifteen Cuties, April 6, 2019

 Top Fifteen Cuties

April 11 is National Pet Day 

While loving our pets is something we do every day, National Pet Day encourages us to pay special attention to pets who may not get that extra attention like sweet  Shea.

How to Submit a Pigture

As always, if you want your cutie featured, please email your submission with your cuties name, breed (rabbit, guinea pig, etc.)  in the subject line and any other information you'd like to share to

~Eliza and Grace

#1: This is Daisy (Doodle) who was adopted along with her sister, Minnie (Mouse).  Neither are actually shy!  Minnie loves her cuddle pods  (we have 3 sizes) and the Orchard Medley hay!   Daisy dug into the new Gourmet Hay with gusto while Minnie had to enjoy the ambiance before diving in.  She is a hay afficiando.

#2:  Cooper and Lily enjoying their Small Pet Select 2nd Cut Hay contained in the Mess Free Hay Feeder.  No more hay everywhere!  A dream come true for anyone who lives with hay eaters.

#3:  Poppy, Peggy, Precious, and Pippa. Poppy is a standard smooth haired guinea pig, Peggy is an Abyssinian, Precious is a silky, and Pippa is a teddy. They love the soft and absorbent, natural paper bedding and Guinea Pig Food Pellets!  ❤️  The Hay, Food Pellets and Bedding Bundles are a fantastic way to save money.  Available in a variety of hay cuts, and weights as well as auto-ship subscriptions.  Wheek, wheek!

#4: Shadow, was recently adopted. He hopped right into his new home; shy and hesitant at first, he has warmed up greatly.  Mom says he has perfect litter habits, loves to throw his toys (you can never have enough) around and hop on the couch for attention,  unlimited pets and nose rubs. Sweet life <3 

#5:  Charlie likes variety with his greens and snacker treats.  What better option than our Samplers?  Our Herbal Sampler includes Vita-Licious, Zen Tranquility, Young at Heart, Heavenly Green Crunch, and Flower Power Berry Boost.  Yay for variety!    Mom tells us Charlie loves to zoom around which often messes up his slightly longer hair on the bridge of his nose.  In retrospect, she should have named him Elvis because he loves to popcorn and shake it all up.  Today he is anxiously awaiting  his new roommate Johnny.  They have had two play dates and are ready to try being full time pals.

#6:  Would you believe Stormy is  a 17 1/2 year young chinchilla?  She absolutely loves her Small Pet Select 3rd cut Timothy Hay, pine cones, and 12" hanging braid and wood mobiles.  For chinchillas, hay is their food, bedding, and entertainment source…hay is the superfood they need to live a healthy and happy life. 

UK friends, send us your photos.  We can't wait to feature you!  Here's your UK Free shipping code TFC-PETDAY  


#7:  New adoptee, Johnny, is really impressed with his Gourmet Hay made up of several kinds of hay with sweet smelling herbs and flowers to make it an absolutely irresistible treat (as well as great varied nutrition).  Piggy approved! Are you planning on adopting a  Cavy? Our Guinea Pig Starter Pack is perfect for your new adoptee.

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#8: Jack is just the sweetest!  Grooming time is super calming for Jack when using the grooming mitt with it's soft, flexible rubber nibs.  It's easy to get the fur out without scratching or tearing delicate skin. More nose rubs, please! 

#9:   Peek-A-Boo! Parker, a rescue, 
LOVES his new
castle and also the Small Pet Select Flower Herbal  Blends like  Flower Power Berry Boost, and Belinda's Blend.  Chamomile, Clover, Hibiscus, Rose Petals, and Buds, Lavender, Elder Flower, and some Dandelion leaves; it's a garden in a bag!

#10:  Boris and Schwartz are healthy and happy cavy's.  But just like with humans, you always want to have a "just in case" bag filled with the necessary natural  remedy's like  Nutri-Rescue, your go-to when your animal stops eating, and you need a quick reboot for the GI tract or Nutri-Recovery (long term support for recovering animals).  Check with your Exotic Vet or local rescue for a list of recommended items.

#11:   Harvey, the New Zealand REW, is guarding the box of Alfalfa hay from Sassy, the Silver Fox,  and isn't going to share with her. After a little taste, they dug right into that delicious and bunny approved hay. Alfalfa is rich in nutrients and is THE GO TO for young growing animals and older animals who need a nutrition boost. 

Both bunnies are rescues and had a super hard start but are now spoiled rotten, loved unconditionally and have the run of their new home and moms heart.  Feasting on 2nd cut Timothy hay, yummy treats and natural forage snacks  like the Healthy snackers mini cookiesNo preservatives, nothing but real food for your rabbit or guinea pig.  Hint: these make terrific training treats!    

#12:  Giselle (long haired silkie) , Bella (dark short hair), & Susie (abyssinian with split black/tan face) love 1st and 2nd cut Timothy hay!  They love to jump in the big 10b box and munch on hay while lounging. 😄

#13:  This is Hazel. A 7 year old Netherland Dwarf. He is a long time fan of Small Pet Select 2nd cut timothy hay. His hooman recently treated him to the Small Pet Select Toy Sampler which he absolutely LOVES...especially the meadow twist! The Toy Sampler comes in a 4 or 12 toy selection.  Mom says Hazel is a happy, healthy rabbit thanks to Small Pet Select!

#14:  Lemon is a 2.5 year old Dutch bunny, one of our 2nd cut Timothy Hay  Amazon customers who recently found our website and decided to add the Hay sampler, Gourmet Hay, and a couple of other goodies for Lemon to try. She's a  very loved bun. 

#15 When you know you look good.  Armand, can't get over how handsome he is 🙂  Or maybe he's looking at the other bunny in the background eating from one of three boxes of hay. Bunnies love and need a variety of hay and treats.  If you're not sure what type of hay to purchase, here's a description of all the Hay Types we offer.  Hoppy shopping!  



National Pet Day was founded in 2006  to celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives and to create public awareness about the plight of many different kinds of animals awaiting a forever home in shelters and rescues all around the globe.

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