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Weekly Cuties, February 13, 2021

02132021: WC-VALENTINE

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Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.   ~Michael Scott "The Office

Valentine's Day, celebrated February 14th, has a long and mysterious past that has grown into a holiday to be enjoyed by all. Whether your relationship is romantic, friendly, or familial it's a time to celebrate and share your feelings!


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Tell us what your furry friend's favorite Small Pet Select products are and why. We're are always looking for new celebrities!

#1.  Harlow and Poppy have no problem sharing their feelings❤️ These playful guinea pigs are climbing over each other to forage in 2nd cut Timothy hay for Berry Burst Blend. Harlow and Poppy can't help but to share the love and neither can we with our Valentine's Day Treats!

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Healthy Snacks and Treats.

#2.Chunk, a rowdy brown and white gentleman, and Chequer, a lively red-eyed, white young lady, enjoy ruling throughout their land in their Castle Tunnel! These noble buns know their way around economics, Chunk and Chequer order the 2nd cut Timothy Hay and Pine Pelleted Bedding Bundle to save more money for Treats!

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Bundle page.

#3. Thumper and Remi are holiday hopping from Christmas to Valentines Day, these gals just love to celebrate! Thumper is a spritely 9 1/2 year old bun who has had repeated GI stasis issues that are getting much better now that she is eating 1st cut Timothy Hay and Rabbit Food Pellets. Thumper loves getting cozy in her human's arms. Remi is the youngest, just under a year old and is full of energy! These active buns like to rumpus around in Soft Paper Bedding for some dust free fun.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Rabbit Food page

#4.  Thelma & Louise are two rambunctious pigs with a taste for freedom and 2nd cut Timothy Hay. Thelma and Louise cause all sorts of trouble searching for Heavenly Green Crunch and Vita-licious Herbal Blend

Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Herbal Blend page

#5. Sydney and Nelson are stretched out at their favorite spot hanging out next to their basket of 1st cut Timothy Hay! To keep their teeth in great shape, Sydney and Nelson chew on a Loofah Roll.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Natural Toys and Chews page.

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#6. Jeff and his sweetheart are sharing a bit of 1st cut Timothy Hay, just loving the seed heads! Jeff likes to nibble and chew on the sweet, flavorful Clover Ring. 

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our​ Hay page.

Superfood thoughts!

#7. Sifl, Ollie, and Harvie are three lucky rescues who enjoy a rambunctious time scampering around their forever home! Sifl, a white Lionhead -English Spot mix who likes long walks on the beach, and Ollie, a spunky Muscovy duck just looking for mischief, are great friends who even agreed to share Vita-Licious Essentials-Daily Superfoods

Harvie is a friendly grey Netherland Dwarf who enjoys cuddling with all sorts of fuzzy friends. Harvie is dreaming about the multiple hay options offered in the Sampler Hay Box

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Hay page.

#8. Lina and Nebula are two majestic buns with a taste for soft 3rd cut Timothy hay, delicious Rabbit Food Pellets and of course flavorful Dried Banana Chips! These wise buns revel in tossing around and nibbling on their natural Meadow Balls.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Natural Toys and Chews.

#9.Boston, Georgie, and Erika are three introspective buns who enjoy Honeysuckle and Hay Candy Canes for any holiday! These lucky buns don't even know that their human is going to treat them on Valentine's Day to a Heart's Desire Set, full of healthy snacks, chews and herbal blends.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Healthy Snacks and Treats page.

#10. Oreo, a Holland Lop, and Acorn, a Lionhead, can't get enough munching on Orchard hay. These spritely buns savor tossing and chewing all the options in the Ball Trio.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Hay page.

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We sincerely appreciate all the pigtures and stories people email us, post on our social media accounts, and in our reviews. Watch this space; the cutie you submit to us just may make an appearance!

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