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10 Best Chinchilla Toys You Need Right Now

best chinchilla toys

There is nothing cuter than a little chinchilla ball all cozy and napping. With their frequent daytime sleeping it’s easy to forget how intelligent and curious they are. Chinchilla toys are very important for a chinchilla’s mind, body, and spirit!

Yes, chinchillas are very spirited.

Their environment should inspire curiosity with chinchilla toys to explore, chew, play with, and hide inAnd I’m not talking about just any toys today. Today we’re talking about the safest all-natural toys. 

I’m going to share our most popular chinchilla toys and explore the details that make these the perfect choice to create the enriching environment you’re after. 

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Chinchilla Toys With Raving Reviews

Chinchillas need to be mentally and physically stimulated on a daily basis. And in order to keep your friend safe and healthy you need to do this in the most natural way possible. While also considering all their natural instincts that make them excited about these toys.


Willow Ball

Chinchilla toys don’t need to be complicated. Simple concepts and simple ingredients go a long way in a natural world. 

The Willow Ball is woven tightly and gives your chinchilla something to push and chase. It’s also completely safe for them to chew up. Which is part of the appeal!

Chinchillas are motivated by food. Foraging is natural for them. After all, the reason chinchillas explore in the wild is to find food!

Terressa C. |Review of Willow Ball

Devoured in a day!

My chinchillas devour these within a day they love them so much.

Meadow Ball

The Meadow Ball gives your chinchilla a different taste and texture but the same fun push and chase experience. 

chinchilla toys

Erin F. |Review of Meadow Ball

My chinchillas are loving this!

My chinchillas are loving this- and I say loving because they are still working through it a few days later. This is the first treat like this that they haven’t completely destroyed in one day- but they are trying to!

Honeysuckle Vine Ring

Like most of the chinchilla toys on this list, the Honeysuckle Vine Ring is a treat and a toy in one. You can attach them to your chinchilla’s cage to get them tugging. Tugging and pulling is what chinchillas do in the wild as they forage. 

chinchilla toys

Honeysuckle is irresistible for many chins! This ring is made on an organic farm in Virginia so it’s completely free of chemicals and pesticides.

Seagrass Mat

Our Seagrass Mats are made from just one ingredient - seagrass! Soft on your chin's feet and completely edible. These are a favorite addition to almost any area of their cage. 

chinchilla toys

Rylan S. Review of seagrass mat

Great Quality.

Great quality. Adding these in  my chinchilla cage really ties things in together. I used one of them for inside their hideaway, and the other as a "serving placemat" for their Timothy hay. They really love it!

Small Organic Apple Chew Sticks

These Apple Chew Sticks are all-natural and air-dried applewood. You can wedge them in the corner of your chinchilla’s cage to give them a job to do! 

Chinchilla toys are all about keeping them on the job and getting them out of bed.

Val R.| Reveiw of apple chew sticks

My chinchilla loved these!

My chinchilla loved these! While he usually turns down the ones from stores, he never has refused these. I will keep ordering them for him.

Rye Twist

Rye Twists will definitely put a spring in your chinchilla’s step! Another new flavor to taste as they explore their cage. 

chinchilla toys

Amanda review of rye twist

Chinchilla approved. 

This was my Trick or Treat surprise. I have 4 Chinchillas. One, Tiquita, went nuts over it and played with it every chance she got. The other three barely had a chance with it, but also seemed to enjoy it, just not as much as Tiquita.

Hanging Mobile Habitat Platform Bundle

This Hanging Mobile comes with a platform to easily attach to your chinchilla’s cage. The platform is created with dry kilned chemical-free wood and soy-based adhesive. And the mobile is full of yummy treats for your chin to pull off and nibble on. 

One of the tastiest chinchilla toys!

chinchilla toys

Buckwheat Chain


This chain includes the leaf, flower, and stem of the buckwheat plant. Adding something else to your chinchilla’s menu as they explore. And another easy toy to attach to the cage.

Christine C. review of buckwheat chain

Buckwheat Chain

My chinny loved her new buckwheat chain. They are now among her favorite toys.

Oat Fidget Sticks

These will definitely get your chinchilla chewing. Which is just what you need in chinchilla toys.

A chinchilla’s teeth are always growing! In order to keep your chinchilla’s mouth healthy and pain-free you need to give them lots of opportunities to chew.

Laura A. review of oat fidget sticks

Oat Sticks

My chinchilla loves these very much. They smell very fresh and take a few days for him to finish. A keeper!!Will be ordering from here on!

Bundle Of Willow

This bundle is air-dried unpeeled willow wrapped up for a great chew. Chinchillas love to pull them apart. This is another one of the chinchilla toys that can be wedged in a cage corner for some more tugging! 

Chinchilla Toys Made With Care And Love 

All of the products on this list are made with attention and care for each toy. We put thought and research into every ingredient to make sure they are the safest chinchilla toys. 

Providing the best for your chinchilla gives you peace of mind and more connection with them and their world.

All of these natural products help connect your chinchilla with their natural instincts of foraging, exploring, chewing, and tugging! Without any fear of exposing them to chemicals and pesticides. Toys should be good for their teeth and their stomachs. 

Owning a chinchilla is fun. Watching them explore is fun! Create an environment that gives interesting experiences to both you and your chinchilla.

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