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5 Important Lessons We Learned From Buying Rabbit Toys

rabbit toys

How’s your little bun doing? Is he staring at you all day instead of playing? Or is he chewing up your baseboards instead of the toilet paper roll you gave him? Rabbit toys can actually solve a lot of bunny problems.

But rabbit toys don’t all bring the joy and health they’re supposed to!

We have a lot of experience in the world of rabbit toys. And we’ve learned some very important lessons that will help any rabbit owner find what’s best for their little bun. 

rabbit toys

Whether You Want Them To Or Not, They’re Going To Eat It. 

You may have noticed that your rabbit likes to chew… everything. A plastic ball with a bell inside might seem like a good idea… until you realize the plastic has made its way into your pet’s stomach! The ball was a good idea… but the material it was made with was not.

The most important thing you can do when buying rabbit toys is to make sure that everything is safe to chew on. Look for natural materials that won’t expose your pet to chemicals. Also, look for things that won’t create a blockage in their digestive system if swallowed!

We have balls that are made entirely of hay. So your rabbit can eat the whole thing and be healthier! It’s a toy and a snack all in one. Made for little rabbits that love to chew.

rabbit toys

You Don’t Really Know What You’re Buying With Rabbit Toys Made In China 

When you buy rabbit toys from a transparent company with a good reputation then you can easily find out how they are made and what materials are used. 

Many toys made in China will have some natural components but they won’t be entirely natural. Or their wood could be treated with chemicals and all you know is that it's wood. 

When a company is proud of their toys, they will tell you all about them. If there’s any confusion on what something is or how it’s made, it’s because the maker isn’t proud of it.


Rabbit Toys Should Encourage Natural Behaviors 

The whole purpose of buying rabbit toys is to get your rabbit up and moving! It’s to get them exploring, chewing, tugging, pulling - all behaviors a wild rabbit does every day as they forage for food!

A variety of rabbit toys gives your rabbit more to explore and more motivation to continue natural behaviors every day. We design toys with these specific behaviors in mind.

 Hay and Twig Mobiles are attached to their enclosure so they get your rabbit tugging and pulling as they try and get the yummy hay off to nibble on. Just like a wild rabbit will pull at vegetation in the ground.

Tunnels and Bridges create hiding places for your rabbit and also for you to hide treats for them to find as they explore their space. 

Rabbit Toys Can Save Your Furniture 

A rabbit needs to dig, chew, and pull. It’s part of who they are! If you don’t give them opportunities to do this, they will find some! If your rabbit likes to dig they might dig holes in your carpet! But you could distract them with a Digging Mat or a Seagrass Mat

Sometimes it’s the pulling and tugging instinct that gets the carpet pulled up. The Wonderland Play Table helps satisfy that need. It has a digging mat on the bottom and mobiles hanging from the top.

Is your rabbit chewing the legs of your furniture? Then you need some sticks and logs for them!These are made from safe wood that your rabbit can freely chew on. 

When they chew on furniture they're exposed to the chemicals from wood stains and paint. So just in case you thought it was cute that they were chewing on your furniture… it’s not good for them.

The Best Rabbit Toys Are Made With Hay

The most important thing in a rabbit's life is hay. So why not bring hay to the play space? Especially since the purpose of a rabbit’s natural instincts is to get food! Having rabbit toys made with hay really puts a rabbit in their element. 

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