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Belinda Says Hay: “A Quick Photo Blog”

Belinda Says Hay: A Quick Photo Blog

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I hope you like this blog. If not you can blame my roommate.

I’m writing this on Friday morning. I was “fine-tuning” an excellent blog post about healthy snackers and then this happened.

About 10 minutes ago my roommate poked her head into my office.

“Time to log off Belinda. We’re leaving in an hour.”

Then she ran back upstairs.

For the next five minutes I stared at this screen. While she made a racket in the kitchen. Opening and closing drawers, running water, whistling. I could hear bags.

This is a disaster in my opinion. I was not planning for this at all.

My roommate “warned” me last week that she wanted to go away for the holiday weekend. But she didn’t mention it again.

I thought she forgot. Fine with me. I can’t just take days off “willy-nilly.”

Now this.

I don’t know what she’s thinking. One thing for sure, I cannot write about healthy snackers under these conditions.

So here’s a last-minute “emergency blog.” Something I threw together.

It uses photos from my Facebook posts. Sorry if you already saw these photos but I don’t have time to take new ones. I’m down to 45 minutes now.

A Holiday Weekend Away

There once was a spokesrabbit named Belinda.

Her roommate said, “Turn off your laptop. We are going away for the weekend.”

Belinda the spokesrabbit is surprised

Belinda could not believe her ears. She did not want to go anywhere.

She had too much work to do.

Belinda the spokesrabbit runs to the file cabinet

“I’ll just hide,” Belinda thought.

“I’ll stay home by myself.”

Belinda had never stayed home alone. But it’s fine.

Belinda white rabbit on stairs

Her roommate walked by. She was carrying a big blue cooler.

Belinda wondered what was inside the cooler.

Then she remembered something important. She cannot open the refrigerator by herself. Ditto for the water pitcher.

She would have to go away with her roommate. Which was unfair.

Belinda the spokesrabbit works on her blog

Belinda worked as fast as she could. 

She knew her agent would “flip out” if she didn’t send the blog today.

Belinda Spokesrabbit in Hay Box

The roommate was stomping through the house, looking for her. Crawling on the floor to check under the furniture.

“Belinda! Let’s go!”

The spokesrabbit was out of options.

She would have to ask for help and that was the last thing she wanted to do. And you'll know why in about 10 seconds. 

She leaned as close as she could to the webcam.

Belinda the spokesrabbit closeup





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