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Advanced Health Check for Pets

You're feeling more confident as a pawrent, and you've been using our blog on Simple Health Checks for Animals You Can Do at Home. Great job! If you want to start doing a more advanced health check on your feathered, scaly, or furry friend, we’ve got suggestions!

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Talk to Your Vet

Sometimes we know you think we sound like a broken record, as we always suggest talking to your vet. You and your vet know your pet's health needs better than anyone. Building a solid and trusting relationship with your vet will help your pet live a long and healthy life.

Also, ask your vet what health checks you should be doing on your pet. Based on their needs, your vet may suggest other tasks than ours. If you’re not sure how to do the jobs your vet recommends, ask them to show you. Don’t be shy.

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Advanced Health Check Tasks

Here are some tasks that will help you keep your pet in tip-top shape. Depending on what species you have, some of these tasks may not be necessary. However, don't forget to keep a log when you complete the advanced health check to help you track any health issues.

  • Grooming/brushing: Grooming and brushing have many benefits for your pet and you.
    • Keeps them from ingesting too much fur when grooming themselves.
    • Allows you to check their skin for parasites at the same time.
    • Minimizes dander and allergens in your home.
  • Nail trims (twice a month, or monthly depending on length): Most pets don’t enjoy a pawdicure, but keeping nails/claws at the right length prevents joint and back pain. We have several blogs on nail trims if you need more information.
  • Temperature check: For many species, a temperature change can help you, and your vet figure out what’s wrong. Know what is a “normal” temp for your pet and track it.
  • Incisor check: Many exotic species have teeth that never stop growing. Additionally, excellent dental health is critical to overall wellness. So while your pet probably won’t let you poke around their whole mouth, looking at the front incisors and gums is helpful.
  • Scent folds/anal glands check/cleaning: Mmmm, while this isn’t the most delightful task, checking and cleaning your pet’s anal glands prevents infection and keeps it clean. Most species excel at keeping their bum area tidy. If you start noticing things aren’t shipshape like usual, it may signify something else is going on.
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Again, these tasks are general suggestions when you have pets. Is there another advanced health check for pets you do regularly that we missed? We’d love to hear from you, so please comment on our socials or email us.

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