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Why your animal needs milk thistle

Milk Thistle for your pet


milk thistle flower and seed

This little powerhouse is a superhero among herbs.  Milk thistle not only protects the liver against damage and helps get rid of toxins, it even helps liver cells regenerate. 

 As careful as we may be, and even if we use organic and natural products  around our homes, there is still quite a bit of pollution in our environments.  Especially for the little animals, who are always close to the ground.  They are right down there on the treated surfaces and chemical residues, like carpet backings, glues, and paints.  So it is important to support their body’s own filtering systems: the kidneys and the liver.

milk thistle seed

 Milk thistle stabilizes cell membranes, and blocks the entrance of toxins from entering liver cells, while removing the toxins already present. Milk thistle has strong anti-oxidants (flavonoids silybin, silydianin, and silychristin), anti-inflammatories, and is generally beneficial to the immune system.  It also has anti-aging properties, and works is a free-radical scavenger and antioxidant.

 That’s a lot of benefit for one little plant to provide!  Just to make things even better, small animals really enjoy the taste.

 Small Pet Select uses powdered milk thistle seeds in several herbal mixes.  So if you’d like to make sure your companion has the best in whole system support (Vita-Licious Essentials), or if you are dealing with an elder who could use some specialized support (Young at Heart Blend),  look no further.  Just visit the store and order here!

milk thistle for your pet

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