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Belinda Says Hay: “3 Days with the English”

Belinda the spokesrabbit blog, Sunday, July 16, 2023. "3 Days with the English"

Hello. It's Belinda.

As I mentioned last week,  my roommate took me, Little Fang and the English to a house in the woods for a little "vacation." 

Three days by a lake in the middle of nowhere. 

We arrived in the afternoon and the first day was peaceful. I think the three of us were just getting used to our new “digs.”

The English didn’t say much. Neither did Little Fang. Of course, my roommate was only a few feet away, reading her book on the couch.

So everyone was "minding their manners," if you know what I mean.

Even that night, when my roommate was upstairs asleep.

Not a peep from the other two. Just some chewing.

I started to think the English was going to be on his best behavior.

That maybe he learned his lesson after what happened last month, when my roommate threw a “slumber party” at home.

I had to put my foot down. Show him who was boss.

Well, his "best behavior" on vacation didn’t last long.

It all changed the next day, just after lunch.

My roommate was sitting on the couch, facing my pen. She was lacing up her hiking boots.

“Isn’t it nice to have a few days off of work, Belinda?”

That’s all it took. I saw movement from the corner of my eye.

The English. He was lying next to his litter box, pretending to be asleep.

But his right ear was twitching.

“Spokesrabbits need vacations too,” my roommate said. “You work so hard.”

When she finished putting on her boots, she stood and walked to the front door.

“OK bunnies, I’m going for a walk. Be good.”

As soon as the door closed behind her, the English started.

“How did you get that job anyway?”

He stood and stared at me. His pen was about 10 feet from mine. Not far enough in my opinion.

I turned my back.

“That place where you work. Do they need more spokesrabbits?”

I picked up a mouthful of oat hay to chew. To distract myself.

“I could write a blog.”

You can imagine the face I was making.

“That’s a great idea.” It was Little Fang. “Let him help you with your blog.”

“You can pay me in Orchard Loops,” said the English.

Then he said it.

“Writing blogs is easy.”

I spun around so fast and yelled.

My job is not easy!

I still had hay in my mouth but I didn’t care.

Next thing I knew I was pushing the bars of my pen with my face.

I didn’t even have a plan. I just wanted to get to the English.

He watched me moving toward him without blinking. In fact, he pushed his nose between the bars of his pen. Which is an insult.

And people wonder why I don't care for him. 

We were about five feet from making contact when the front door opened.

“I forgot my phone, bunnies!”

I froze.

My roommate walked into the room. She turned her head toward us and stopped in her tracks.

When she left the house, my pen was set up as a big square. Now it was more of a triangle.

She put her hands on her hips.

“I’ve been gone for five minutes,” my roommate said.

“Can’t I leave you alone for five minutes?”

I don't know the answer to that.

All I know is I had to spend the rest of the day locked in the bathroom.



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