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Belinda Says Hay: ”A Blog About Snackers”

Belinda Says Hay Spokesrabbit blog, Sunday May 21, 2023

Hello. It's Belinda.

I want to thank everyone for your feedback last week.

In case you missed it, I wrote a blog for Mother's Day. We don't celebrate it here at home. But Little Fang and I wanted to celebrate "Roommate's Day."

We made that up. It's not an "official" holiday.

Seemed like a good day to do something nice for our roommate. Little Fang suggested giving her some bread. Which would be fine but we don't have any money or gift cards.

My roommate manages my paychecks and my bank accounts. Sore subject but "it is what it is."

Anyway I asked for ideas and you sent some excellent ones to my email and the comments.

Some of you thought we should perform binkies and flops. 

I've been told I binky "like a bowling pin."

Which is rude. I can't help my shape.

Others said to give our roommate nose bumps and bunny kisses. Little Fang likes to groom my roommate sometimes so she's got that covered.

I nose boop her leg when she's sitting at the computer for too long. That's not good for her back in my opinion. You need to stretch.

My friend Winston, Chief Rabbit, told me how they celebrated at his place. They somehow bought some treats for his "mom" and wrapped them with cardboard. Then they posed for special Mother's Day cards and get this. 

They signed the cards.

That's an "A+" for effort. I hope my roommate doesn't read about all that.

Oh no.

Look at the time.

I didn't mean to go on and on like this. I'm supposed to be writing my hay reports.

Actually that's the whole "theme" of today's blog. I have some big deadlines and I can't focus on anything.

And it's a bad time to goof around. 

My roommate told me I have to take some days off next week. For the long holiday weekend.

Which just goes to show she doesn't understand deadlines.  She thinks I can "play hooky" and nobody will notice.

What about my hay reports?

On top of that, I can't stop thinking about treats. Especially snackers.

It must be "spring fever." I sit down to work on my hay numbers but next thing you know I'm daydreaming about food.

So I stop to "forage" through my stash. Looking for a crunchy little reward for all my hard work.

Except I haven't been working hard. That's the whole problem.

I just looked at the time again. I'm really in trouble now.

I was going to write an "easy" blog about snackers. I'll have to save that for next week.

In the meantime. Do you have a favorite healthy snacker? Let me know.

I might use your ideas in my blog. 

Please don't tell the boss about any of this.



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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