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Belinda Says Hay: “Abigail’s Surprise Gift”

Belinda Says Hay blog: "Abigail's Surprise Gift"

Hello. It's Belinda.

I hope 2023 is going well for you so far. 

Today another new year begins. 

That's right. The "Year of the Rabbit" starts right now.

The whole team at Small Pet Select has been planning special promotions to celebrate. Watch for them all year long.

I'm working on some extra-special "campaigns" of my own. I think you are going to love them.

But for today's blog I want to go back in time. Meaning to Christmas a year ago.

That's when, for Abigail's holiday gift, I decided to draw her portrait.

I asked her "dad" for a good photo of her. Something Abigail might like me to draw. 

Well instead of one photo he sent six. They were all excellent and I couldn't choose just one.

So I asked all of you for help. Most of you said this photo was the best: 

I got to work.

It took a long time but I was finally happy with my drawing. 

And here's what I sent to Abigail, just in time for Christmas.

Abigail and her dad both loved it.

That didn't surprise me because they always encourage me. That's the best gift of all in my opinion.

So for Christmas 2022, I wanted to give Abigail something even better. I started researching new computer apps. Trying to find a way to "work smarter."

I downloaded something from the web and spent days learning it. But all it did was draw hairdos.

Next thing you know I missed my deadline. I still haven't sent anything to Abigail. 

I'm so embarrassed.

Especially because, about a week before Christmas, I got a special delivery at home. It was a box all the way from California.

My roommate put it under the tree.

On Christmas morning, we sat on the floor and she opened the box for me.

We looked inside.

We were speechless.

It was my drawing.

Can you believe it?

Abigail and her dad had the portrait I draw enlarged and mounted.

I don't know how to explain what was going through my mind. But I stared and stared at the enlargement. It made me feel like a real artist. 

My roommate looked at me but she didn't say anything. Her eyes were shiny.  

It took us only about 15 minutes to start arguing about it.

There's a metal hook on the back of the piece so you can hang it on a utility sink. Some of us have to work under one. So naturally that's where we will display our art collection. 

So far I have one piece.

My roommate said we should hang it in the living room instead. "Less chance of water damage."

Nobody worries about water damage on my hay reports. Think about it.

Anyway, we're still "negotiating" about the whole thing. Meanwhile I peek at my art in the box every day.

And that's the story of the surprise gift. From me to Abigail and back to me.

Art, friendship and generosity.

Seems like a good theme to kick off the Year of the Rabbit.



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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