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Belinda Says Hay: “And the Goodies Go to …”

Belinda has chosen bonded pairs

Hello. It's Belinda.

Thank you to everyone who sent photos to my "Celebration of Love" photo gallery

The big day is here.

It's time to announce the nine lucky pairs who will get a surprise from me and Josh from the warehouse.

I had such a hard time choosing. I was a wreck to tell you the truth.

So I asked Abigail if she could help and she said "Sure thing." 

10 minutes later she sent me the list. She used some sort of "random number" gizmo.

Abigail is an excellent novelist but she's also very good at choosing "Celebration of Love" photos and stories.

They made my day. I hope they make yours too:

Toasty and Beast

"Beast is the dominant wife and Toasty is always grooming and protecting her. They fell in love after 3 weeks of bonding."

Mjölner and Zell

"I got Mjölner as a baby, after Zell had rejected his brother and former cage mate. It was love at first sight, Zell adored Mjölner. And Mjölner loved his new 'uncle!' They love to snuggle up together."

Pablo and Missy

"Missy lost two husbands. She hated Pablo at first, but her mummy persevered and over time she grew to love him. Now he’s the boss and they love to snuggle and show their bunny butts."

Mowzer and Meeka

"'Brother and sister'... inseparable!"

Maggie and Leonard

"Maggie was bullied by her old friend & became depressed living alone, now she has Leonard shes a completely new rabbit! Runs about! Grooming each other! They love each other!"

Leonard and Sheldon

"Leonard (Brown) is a bit timid and doesn’t like loud noises so on Bomb Fire Night when the fireworks were going off, Sheldon laid across Leonard to cover his ears and comfort him, that’s love!"

Deacon and Roommate

"He looooves his daddy. We have just rescued Lulu Belle and hopefully they will bond. Lulu Belle came from a bad situation and we can’t introduce them until she has had a chance to heal up."

Chapter and Haven

"This is a picture taken the day we rescued Haven (Bulldog) from the shelter. Their first kiss! It's been slobbers ever since!"

Bugsy and Loki

"Bugsy was my first rabbit. Within days I knew I wanted to volunteer. I found a local rabbit rescue and began volunteering. Loki was quickly my first foster fail. I love them both to pieces!"

Thank you to Abigail for the excellent work.

And thank you to everyone who sent photos and stories all month long. Almost 400 total.

You really showed me and everyone else what love looks like. 



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