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Belinda Says Hay: “Belinda Has A Meeting”

Hello. It’s Belinda.

Two exciting pieces of news this week.

One, my roommate finally moved my boyfriend out of the “sick pen” in the kitchen and back to the bottom floor. Not a moment too soon either.

He wasn’t really sick anyway. When you go to the vet and come home without a lump, that should be the end of it. My boyfriend was eating and running around fine. His companion kept the stitches clean. Unless you noticed the missing fur and all the metal you wouldn’t know he had surgery.

But my roommate is a worrier. “Let’s make sure your staples are OK, little man.” Poking his shoulder day and night.

Well, with running back and forth to visit him and sleeping by his pen, I got behind at work. Not the best time for that because I had a big presentation this week.

That’s the second piece of big news. I was asked to come up with ideas for new products. Something fresh for 2018.


I guess it got back to management that I’m more than window dressing. Hard to ignore the record-breaking sales my “Belinda Bundle” earned last month. Numbers don’t lie.

So this was my big chance and with everything going on I kept getting sidetracked. Next thing you know my agent was bugging me to send the report so she could review it before the company conference call.  

But the more she pressured me the more I froze in my tracks. Felt like something was swooping down at me.

I ended up getting everything to her a few minutes before everyone dialed in. Then she did the honors of presenting my ideas for three new products while I listened in. I was a wreck, if you want to know the truth. But let’s just say I think the team sees me differently now.

I probably shouldn’t leak these ideas, but on the other hand it’s good to get some “buzz” going.

So take a look and get ready to add the following to your rabbit’s stash this year.

Jumbo Bag of Dirt

Do your rabbits pull up the carpet? Our exclusive Jumbo Bag of Dirt is the perfect reward for their hard work. Each 90-pound bag is hand-packed by our farmer partners throughout the great state of Washington. Kiln-dried and sifted. Eco-friendly; simply dump outside after indoor use. Three bags fills one standard bathtub.

“What’s My Breed?” Herbal Blend

They said it couldn’t be done but they were wrong. Now, your rabbit can have a mix of flowers and herbs imported from their homeland. Starting with New Zealand White Blend, which is a secret recipe featuring Taranaki alfalfa hay and pear blueberry healthy snackers.   

Edible Exercise Pen

Rabbits confined to an exercise pen, such as after lump surgery, need something to do. Some will rattle the bars with their teeth or push the pen with their shoulders, which is not good for their staples in my opinion. Keep your rabbit entertained and safe with an Edible Exercise Pen. Made from Kentucky apple branches and twigs, these pens are hand-crafted by Josh from the warehouse. No glues.

Well, after my agent read these to the team, nobody said anything for about a minute. That tells you something right there.

Then I heard coughing and someone else made a sneezing noise. Suddenly my agent said the teapot was whistling and she had to go. Which was odd. Then I heard a beep and nothing else so I guess the call was over.

I’ll get the hang of these conference calls. In the meantime, I’m using my mind for something fun instead of just worrying about my boyfriend. He’s going to love the apple pen.



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