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Belinda Says Hay: “Black Friday”

belinda says hay black friday

Hello. It’s Belinda.

Thanksgiving came and went without any trouble. Turns out I was not expected to do anything except relax and eat. Which I did, and not at home either.

My roommate went away so I spent the holiday with my agent. That might seem odd but we were friends before she became my representative. They say keep work at work but I’m a spokesrabbit. In this field I make my own path, if you know what I mean.

Not sure what the humans had to eat but around five o’clock, my agent woke me up and said dinner is served. She lowered a large tray to the floor and as soon as I saw what was on it I was wide awake. And not in a good way.

Four types of hay. Six different leafy greens. Three herbal blends. All topped with a limited-edition holiday cranberry snacker.

I stood up in a panic, looking around the room for the other rabbits. With this much food, there had to be four or five rabbits in the hall or coming down the stairs.  

But I was wrong.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Belinda,” said my agent. “I am very grateful for you and all of your help the past three months.”

Then she walked out of the room.

For the next four hours, I could hear talking and dishes clinking and laughing while I ate my salad. I had to keep taking breaks.

Eventually I nodded off and when I woke it was after midnight. All of the lights were on, including the ones in the hallway. Which was strange.

Then my agent walked past the doorway in a hurry. She was on the phone and carrying her laptop with her other hand.

“But tell me the cost per click,” she said. I could hear her in the kitchen. She kept talking about click this and click that.

Then I heard her coming back. She stopped and smiled at me and her eyes looked funny. Like she couldn’t blink. She was wearing pajamas.

“The big day has begun, Belinda. Black Friday!”

She stood there with her eyes open.

Obviously, I was expected to get to work, but I had no idea what to do.

So when she sat on the couch with her papers and laptop, I jumped up beside her. I figured I could help review the sales numbers and check links to the website, that sort of thing.

We worked side-by-side the rest of the night, unless she was on a call. A few times I could tell she was talking to Josh from the warehouse and I pretended to not care.

I kept falling asleep even with all the lights in my eyes. Even so, I thought I was doing a good job with the spreadsheets and such. Catching on.

I started thinking how I could help at the warehouse during the holiday rush. I may not have experience but I can be trained. The entire company underestimates me in my opinion.

So when my agent was out of the room for a minute, I switched the screen to the company email. I was answering a customer question about overseas shipping when she returned and told me to “stay away from that laptop.”

I spent the rest of Black Friday working on recipes in the other room. My first  uses four types of hay, six types of greens and some top-secret ingredients.

It’s perfect for a holiday and I call it the Spokesrabbit Salad.



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