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Belinda Says Hay: “Christmas Surprises”

belinda says hay christmas surprises

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I don’t even know where to begin re: Christmas. It was even better than I hoped.

First of all, my roommate went all out gift-wise. Loaded us up with hay and treats and chew toys. I don’t even care if the English has gourmet hay medley in his room. I have two bags and for once I’m not keeping score.

Not sure where my roommate hid everything before Christmas Eve but I’m wondering if Josh from the warehouse was part of it. In cahoots. Sending healthy snackers and honeysuckle rings in boxes with fake labels. “Paper towels inside” and “furnace filters—not for rabbits.” To throw us off the trail.

Speaking of trail, big news: I got a home DNA testing kit. It was the only thing I wanted for Christmas and I am going to figure out this whole New Zealand mystery once and for all.

Been bugging me ever since I found out the shelter put that on my paperwork. “New Zealand White.” Even though I was found running loose in the city and I don’t mean Auckland.

What does the shelter know about my past? How did they find out? I moved in here before I got the whole story and now it’s a dead end.

My roommate says “we’ll see what Watson and Crick can tell us,” whatever that means. Just want to know how I got to the United States, if I have unfinished business back in NZ, that sort of thing. Family looking for me or unclaimed property.

As if all that wasn’t enough, I got a surprise gift from my friend Bella. She lives in California and she sent a box to me and my roommate hid it until Christmas morning. I am not even mad about her getting into my mail.

There are two reasons this got to me. First, Bella has head tilt and even with all that going on she made time to send me a gift. Second, I didn’t get her anything and that feels like you scratched one ear but not the other. So I’m working on this and I’ll write about her gift and the rest once I figure it all out.

Speaking of giving gifts to others, I wanted to get my roommate something but I hit a snag. I haven’t been paid yet. And ever since the incident with the Belinda Bundle orders she won’t let me near her laptop.

So I asked my agent to buy something and put it on my tab. I told her to use her judgement and this is what she ordered:

Not what I would have picked but when my roommate opened it she laughed and said she loved it. She kept looking at it and laughing. I don’t get the joke but I pretended to since it’s the holidays.

I’m still feeling pretty lazy, to tell you the truth. I’m supposed to be working on my New Year’s resolutions but maybe tomorrow.

Plan to skip the half-nap today and go right from breakfast to a full flop. Need to rest up for tonight. My boyfriend, his companion and I will be sharing a bag of gourmet hay medley while we’re “waiting for the bale to drop,” as they say.

Happy New Year!



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