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Belinda Says Hay: “Co-worker Pranks”

Belinda Says Hay Blog: Co-worker Pranks

Hello. It's Belinda. 

It was so much fun to write the co-blog with my roommate last week. Giving our tips for "co-working with your roommate." 

It even had a comment box at the bottom. I was such a good mood all day.

I should’ve known it wouldn’t last.

All day Monday, my roommate kept giving me "side looks." Glancing up from her laptop with a little smile. 

There was nothing to smile about that I could see. And that's the point. I didn't try to "peek" at her computer screen. None of my business.

In fact, that was my main tip in the co-blog.  “Keep your nose in your own hay box.“ 

Well I guess she zeroed in on the word “nose.“

Because when I checked Facebook on Tuesday afternoon, this is what I saw:

Turns out she emailed that photo to the tech team. And they thought it was fine.

How do you like that.

Her message to them said, "Belinda drew my portrait and used it in her blog. So I hope you will post this 100% not retouched photo of her nose."

My roommate thinks she’s a real comedian.  Well I’m not laughing.

I've never been so embarrassed. I try to look nice at work. Sometimes my fur is "puffy" but that's just shedding.

Also there is nothing wrong with the portrait I drew of my roommate. I did it for our first co-blog. It took me three days. I’m farsighted.

I was so mad about the nose photo I stayed on the bottom level for two days. I didn't even watch my shows.

Once she figured out why I was upset, my roommate apologized. Said it wasn't personal.

"When you work with others in an office, you play pranks, Belinda."

"It makes the day go faster."

Well she might have helped me with two blogs but this isn't an office. It's our house. Come on.

All I can say is if she likes pranks, I hope she likes being the "butt" of the joke.

Because there's a little holiday coming up called "April Fool's Day."

If you know what I mean. 



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