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Belinda Says Hay: “Daylight Savings”

belinda says hay daylight savings

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I apologize in advance if this email is late but I have no idea what time it is.

And as far as I can tell, doing things “in advance” is how they flipped the dish to begin with. Because how can you say I’m sorry for something that didn’t even happen yet?

This is all because of Daylight Savings Time. Mind running every which way. I don’t want to be negative but nothing good can come from setting clocks to different times.

I like a schedule. Breakfast, morning treat, first hay refresh, second refresh. And I have a little something called a j-o-b now and I have to get up on time.

This weekend all the humans talk about getting an extra hour of sleep. I woke up ready for pellets and had to wait. By the time my roommate showed up she could tell I was in a mood.

After breakfast I guess I still looked rattled because, out of nowhere, she brought me a little white plate with some herbs and flowers on it.

“Here, Belinda. Have some Zen Tranquility mix.” She put the plate on my rug.

“It will help you to feel calm.”

She was right about one thing—if you want to put me in a better mood, give me a snack. This was like a little salad of lemon balm and lavender and clover tops, that sort of thing. My nose was full of smells.

It’s supposed to help rabbits relax. I don’t know.

I stretched out and my roommate started working on my shoulders. I can’t reach my shoulders so it’s nice that she helps. She moved things around on my collar bone and behind my ears. I closed my eyes because suddenly I felt sleepy.

I wanted more of that Tranquility mix but the plate was clean. I guess I did that, ate all the herbs. The plate was like a clock without any hands because time is wiped clean now.

“You’re a good girl,” my roommate said. Then she said I was melting into the floor.

Ice cubes melt into the floor not spokesrabbits. I couldn’t tell what was real and what was just her making up nonsense like this “extra hour” business. If morning happens twice I get another breakfast and herbs.

Rabbits know about time. Just look at the House Rabbit Society. The logo. Everywhere you look there are rabbits and clocks.

That’s why the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland was in a panic. “I’m late, I’m late.” Clocks all around, humans turning the hands willy-nilly, backward and forward.

Hard to know what “late” means when clocks are dripping over tree limbs like me melting into the floor with my shoulders and the plate.

“Belinda,” my roommate said.

I opened my eyes. Something had happened. The light was different.

She was standing across the room, looking at me. My boyfriend was looking at me from inside his pen. So was his companion.

“You’ve been sleeping for hours. It’s time for a snack.”

She was holding a pear blueberry healthy snacker. She put it on the floor for me and waited.

Now this makes sense. Snacker time. No math. Only one thing I had to do.

Spring forward.



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