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Belinda Says Hay: ”Daylight Savings Time”

belinda says hay daylight savings

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I’m not a fan of Daylight Saving Time. Already went through this in November.

Well it’s back again, but the other way around, losing an hour. But at the same time, the days are longer, according to the humans. So which is it?

My roommate was worried about everyone being off our schedules. She started giving us Zen Tranquility blend last weekend.

“Here you go, Belinda.” Puts a saucer of it down by my sleeping rug. Gives it a little earlier every day.

“A pinch of tasty herbs to help you get through the jet lag.”

Jet lag? I haven’t been on a plane since I left New Zealand. And I have no plans to travel.

Only thing going anywhere is this planet, spinning toward and away from the sun. The whole day-night thing is predictable and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.   

I’m not proud of this but I guess I was mad about the time change. So I didn’t eat the Zen Tranquility blend. Every day I hid it under the steps, in my stash.

Well, yesterday afternoon I was in the mood for a snack and not hay. Next thing you know I’m enjoying a week’s worth of those herbs in one sitting. Lemon balm, lavender, rose petals, red clover flower and the rest.

It’s supposed to make you relax but I don’t know. I was too twisted around thinking about “spring ahead.” Stretched out under the steps trying to do the math.

First of all, this longer days business is nonsense. One day has 24 hours. No more no less.

If you want “extra hours,” they have to come from somewhere. Could try to shift a few from the other side of the world but they won’t go for that. Metric system for one thing.

When it’s morning here it’s tomorrow afternoon in New Zealand. If I fly there I’ll land the next day. Hard to plan.

You can borrow hours from another month but that’s a fool’s bet. Too easy to lose track and then you get to August or November and there’s a splice. Hours cut willy-nilly here and there.

Should be enough time for eating or just going downstairs and instead you hit the splice. Skip ahead like when your roommate bumps the DVD machine. Eating lunch and you open your eyes and it’s nighttime in a blink.


My roommate. I opened my eyes.

The room was dark.  A splice!

“You’ve been asleep for hours. Come on out … it’s time for your herbs.”



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