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Belinda Says Hay: “Extra Very Double Important Reminders Please Read”

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Hello. It's Belinda.

Thank you to everyone for all the nice messages about the blog I wrote last week. The one with the #meetmybunChallenge memes about Little Fang and the English.

They don't know about it and I'd like to keep it that way. "For obvious reasons."

Today I have to stick to business. The holiday shopping season is in "full swing." Which means it's the busiest time of year at work. 

I have so much to keep track of. Too much for a rabbit if you want to know the truth.

So I made a list and I checked it twice. In fact that's my whole blog for today.

Meaning the list.

Everything on it is very important so I hope you have time to read the whole thing.

Here it is:

1) If you are buying anything extra special "from Santa" on the website, be sure to order by midnight on Thursday Dec 17.  Leave extra time for shipping this year.

2) Be sure to check out the advent calendar every day. You never know what you are going to find. A special goodie or mystery snack. It's fun.

3) Speaking of calendar. There's an extra special 2021 calendar coming up in the advent calendar. You'll know it when you see it. Hint: It has photos of rabbits for each month. You can never have enough calendars in my opinion.

4) I saved the best for last. A little promo for our virtual gift cards. The whole thing is done though email. It's a great gift for your favorite rescue. Or any hay lovers on your list.

OK I did it. 

Remembered the reminders. All four.

I hope your week is full of "good cheer."  



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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