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Belinda Says Hay: “Grief and Comfort”

belinda says hay grief and comfort

Hello. It’s Belinda.

My roommate asked me what I would write about my boyfriend dying. I said I don’t know.

And to tell you the truth, I didn’t want to write anything at all. It’s too sad. Seemed like nothing good could come of it.

She told me to take as long as I needed. She’s been extra kind to me lately, to all of us really.

So last week I wrote about the Olympics instead. About how my roommate was watching TV a lot for a distraction and now you know why. It was because the lump came back and my boyfriend kept falling.

After he died, my roommate moved my boyfriend’s companion upstairs so we could all be together during the day. I nap up there too so I can see her through the pen. I make sure everyone is OK. I chase the companion too much so I have to stay in the kitchen but we can all talk to each other.

My roommate was very upset. She cried a lot those first days and she was quiet all week compared to normal, except when she was watching the Olympics.

But she spent a lot of time snuggling on the floor with the companion and grooming my face and ears. It was a nice routine and after a week I was looking forward to it. Felt like we were taking care of each other.

And then we got the news about the Las Vegas rabbits.

I won’t go into a lot of detail because it’s hard enough to think about my boyfriend’s death, and he was treated like a king.  He got away with everything, even before the surgery. Even though he had such a good life, it hurts a lot that he died. 

And I know not every rabbit has a happy home.

In case you didn’t already know, there were hundreds of rabbits in Las Vegas living outdoors in fields. Some were born there and others were released by people, just like I was but in the city.

Volunteers visited every day to take care of them. They found homes for as many as they could. But hundreds of rabbits is a lot so they asked us for help.

My boss, Mr. Gordon, flew from Washington to Las Vegas a few weeks ago to meet the rabbits and fill some food and water stations. He talked to the volunteers about how Small Pet Select could help, especially with a big transport already planned for this past week. Rescues in other states were pitching in to take in the rabbits, which was nice. 

Everything was ready to go when, last Sunday, volunteers went to the fields and something horrible had happened. A lot of rabbits were missing. And a lot of rabbits had died overnight.

I don’t want to say anything else about that.

But I want to talk about what happened next.

Everything went into high gear. Volunteers captured as many rabbits as they could from the fields. They called for more help, new volunteers made space, and they went back and captured more. Other rescues around the country signed up to take rabbits.

Our team got to work too. We sent 2000 pounds of pellets, 70 water bottles, 180 pounds of timothy, 60 pounds of alfalfa, and nine large packs of bedding for the overnight stops. The alfalfa was my idea.

Customers pitched in too, using a special code on our website. In the first few days they sent more than $6,000 in exercise pens, carriers, hay and other food and supplies to the rabbits and the people helping them.

Plus they donated money online to help rescues rent the vans and pay for gas and other costs.

The first 100 or so rabbits left Las Vegas on Thursday and the next 100 are getting ready now. My roommate says they will keep capturing and moving the rabbits until they are all safe.

I still think there is nothing good to say about losing a friend. Or friends.

That’s why we don’t use words. We take care of each other.



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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