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belinda says hay email hack

Hello. It’s Belinda.

If you’re reading this, it means I still have a job.

Why wouldn’t I, you ask? Because of something I got into at work. I may have crossed a line.

It all started last Saturday, at Midwest BunFest. We were cleaning up our booth after the event and Josh was fiddling with his laptop.

“Wuuf,” he said, but he meant Wolf. “What’s the new whatchamacallit for the email?”

She said a bunch of numbers and letters. Then she said them again. Josh hit some keys and said that works.

And I thought: Hold the hoe.

Did I just overhear the password for the company email?

It was none of my business. I’m not supposed to send emails out to customers, not even to say hi. I write this Sunday blog on the website and Wolf emails the link to everyone. Not my job.

So I tried to forget about it. But every time I nodded off and woke up, I thought about those numbers and letters.

Then came the big blow up on Monday. It was brought to my attention that I was not invited to the House Rabbit Society conference. Wolf, the brand manager, and Jessica, the customer service representative, were invited and they’re at the conference now. In San Diego. Representing Small Pet Select.

But Belinda, the spokesrabbit? Nope. Just leave me behind with nothing to do. Bored out of my mind and usually that means carpet is coming up but not this time.

I typed in the password and it worked. I clicked around and next thing you know I hacked into the Top 10 Cuties email.

Jessica puts that email together every week, collecting the photos and stories about rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. She does a very good job but I have a different idea about which rabbits are the cutest in the country.

I assume she was too busy yesterday at the HRS conference to see how I fixed her email. But I hope Daisy, Emmy, Morgan, Tibbar and that tall rabbit saw it.

And since this might be my last blog post, I need to say something important.

Small Pet Select is giving away $15,000.

I saw it when I was snooping around in the files.

The money is going to rescues, like the one that saved me when I was living outside in the city. You can nominate your favorite rescue to get some of this money.

A large rescue will get $5,000. An chapter of a large organization, one independent rescue, and two therapy programs will each get $2,500.

You have to get the form done by Tuesday, October 31. It sounds pretty easy to me for such a big stash.

I wish I could nominate the rescue that helped me. But I’m not allowed because I’m an employee of Small Pet Select.

At least for now.



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