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Belinda Says Hay: “How Do Rabbits Type? Part 2”

Belinda the spokesrabbit blog "How do rabbits type? Part 2"

Hello. It's Belinda.

I hope you saw my blog last week. It was full of fun photos from my readers. 

On Facebook, I asked for examples of how rabbits relax on weekends.  Everyone was so helpful. It really "blew my mind."

I got over 90 photos. Including some excellent candids of rabbits "loafing" and just enjoying their down time.

There's even a nice photo from my guinea pig friend HoneyButter.

The photos gave me a lot of good ideas for naps. No matter how good you are at "zonking out" you can always improve.

Well now I have another favor to ask. I hope I'm not being rude. To keep asking for help with my blog.

It's about my tech situation.  Which I wrote about a few weeks ago. 

Someone emailed me and asked how I type my blog. Not the first time I got this question.

The truth is, I have a lot of "hacks" to help me at work. It's a real hodge-podge. They don't make computers for rabbits so I have to "cobble together" my own systems.

If that's not bad enough, when something breaks I can't just look at the manual. It doesn't work that way down here, under the utility sink. That's my office in case you didn't know.

For example, last year I broke my laptop. My blog was a total disaster that week. I was so afraid to post it but I had no choice. "The show must go on."

You can see my messed-up blog here. I apologize in advance. 

Turns out I got some "hay crumbs" inside the keyboard. My roommate fixed it for me.

If fact, my roommate is one of my "workarounds" as far as tech goes. She helps me with some of my typing. And other tasks.  "As needed."

I don't want to say too much about my roommate. I might get myself in trouble. There's only one name on the masthead, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I heard a rumor that there are apps that help you "automate" your writing. It has something to do with artificial intelligence.

As far as I know these apps write blogs for you, while you sleep or watch TV. Facebook posts too. Anything you want.

Do you or your rabbits use artificial intelligence or another type of app?

Let me know in the comments. Or email me at

I want to stop relying on my roommate so much. She doesn't complain but come on.

I've been on the job for almost five years. I need to figure out how to do my own work.

Thanks in advance for any tips.



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