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Belinda Says Hay: “Hush Hush Little Fang”

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Hello. It's Belinda.

Did you ever hear the phrase, “I need a vacation from my vacation?“

My guess is that was written by somebody with a “chatty“ roommate. If you know what I mean.

I took some time off over the Fourth of July weekend. Five days total.

All I wanted was a “staycation.” Just goof off at home. Sleep when I wanted, hit my stash even if I wasn't hungry. 

Well the best-laid plans of mice and rabbits don’t always “hoe the row.”

It started off fine. When I finished my holiday photo blog and sent it to the team, I was officially “out of office.”

I walked from under the utility basin and went straight up the steps to the kitchen. My roommate was rinsing something in the sink. I could smell basil.

I nose-booped the back of her leg.

“Belinda!” She turned off the water.

“Are you done for the day? Happy vacation!”

She handed me a piece of romaine to work on while she made salads for me, Little Fang and the English.

I thought she would give mine to me first since I was on vacation but no.

I watched her as she walked away, carrying a plate through the dining room and around the corner. I heard her on the steps to the bedroom level.

That’s just one example of how the English is treated in this house. My roommate says she doesn’t “play favorites.” Come on.

Anyway before long I was back on the bottom level enjoying a “heap” of dandelion, romaine, endive, basil and mint.

I was in such a good mood. A jumbo salad and no deadlines for five days.  

I nodded off early. Next thing you know I’m dreaming that I’m helping Josh in the warehouse. But instead of packing boxes I’m sitting under a conference table eating alfalfa.

“This is the job for me,” I think.

“Hey!” calls Josh from somewhere in the building.

I pretend I don’t hear him.  


That’s not Josh. It’s Little Fang.

I lifted my head. The room was almost dark but I could see her staring at me from inside the pen.

This had better be good.

“How many days?” she said.

How many days until what?

“How many days until your vacation starts?”

I ignored her.

I would not have her “chatting” at me every night when I’m trying to relax.

The next night, things got much worse.

We were relaxing after dinner when we heard a loud boom outside. Sounded like something blew up next door.  

Little Fang was so startled she thumped.

It’s OK, I said. But my heart was racing.

Then we heard it again. A boom. Also some flashes out the window.

Little Fang thumped again. Her ears straight up.

My roommate walked quickly across the ceiling. She was down the steps in “double time.”

“Are you two OK?”

Another flash and boom.

Little Fang’s back foot hit the floor hard.

“Oh Little Bat! Oh my poor baby!”

My roommate climbed into Little Fang's pen and sat on the floor. She had to kick some pee pads out of the way first. Not to gossip but I know some of you will wonder.

“It’s just fireworks, little bunny. It’s OK.”

She petted Little Fang's ears and didn't say anything. I stayed on my rug, watching them. I counted five more booms but no more thumps.

After a few minutes I felt peaceful. The fireworks were still too loud but they weren’t scary.

Then we heard it.


It was muffled.


The English. Thumping on the bedroom level.

“Oh no,” said my roommate.

She climbed out of the pen and hurried upstairs.

When she returned, my roommate was carrying another exercise pen. She unfolded it into a big rectangle next to Little Fang’s area.

I can’t be seeing what I’m seeing, I thought.

Another flash and boom.

Not on my vacation, I thought.

Then a new noise outside. A loud whistle, then a crackle.

“Thud.” from the bedroom level.

My roommate made one more trip upstairs. This time, as she walked back to join us, she moved slowly and carefully.

I knew it before I saw it. She had the English in her arms.

"Isn't this fun girls?" She lowered him into the new pen. A boom outside. Flashes.

"We're going to have a slumber party."

The English looked at me from across the room. His eyes were darting around but not from all the racket outside. He was looking for my stash.

My roommate was too busy fussing to notice. She gave each of us fresh water, hay and a healthy snacker.  Then she unrolled a sleeping pad and placed it on the floor next to the two pens. She added a pillow and some blankets.

"There! Now we're all set for the night." 

She turned out the light and tucked herself in. Eventually the fireworks stopped and my roommate dozed off.

If my household were normal the story would end here. With everyone feeling safe and snug and ready for a good night's sleep.

Instead I had to listen to Little Fang flirt with the English all night.

I could hear her whispering "Hey! Hey!" to him. Then a lot of murmuring back and forth. This went on into the wee hours.

No rabbit can sleep with all that muttering and giggling across the room. 

The fireworks continued the next night, and the next. And as soon as the booms started, my roommate carried the English downstairs to sleep on the bottom level with us. 

Little Fang was in "rare form" every night. That's all I can say. She never stopped talking. 

Anyway. It's time for me to stop talking. Today's blog is nothing but a "gossip sheet."

I'm sorry but like I said. I need a vacation from my vacation.

I hope you had a good holiday. 



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