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Belinda Says Hay: “I Invented a Hay Toy”

Hello. It’s Belinda.

Looking for a hay chew toy for your rabbits? You’ve come to the right blog.

Because I just invented one. “By accident,” which is the best way to invent toys in my opinion.

Turns out that’s how the Slinky came about. The metal tube that walks down the steps by itself. 

The first time somebody noticed a metal spring walking downstairs "with intention" they said aha! Next thing you know everybody wants one.

That's what I'm hoping for too. A big hit. 

Now you're probably wondering how I have time to invent a new product. When I have a photography presentation coming up for Midwest BunFest.

The truth is I haven't done a "lick" of work on that yet. But speaking of photos, I did pose for this one.   

The team can use this on the toy packaging itself or the ads. Whatever works best.

Note the hay manger in the background. It tells a story in my opinion. Makes you want hay. "Subconsciously." 

So back to my invention. 

Basically it’s a chew toy that starts out as a box of hay. The bigger the better.

To use it, just find a corner and start chewing.

Keep going  until you reach the hayey* insides. 

It could take a few minutes or a few days.

That’s the best part. “You decide.”

Once you finish a section, "dig in!" 

Reward yourself with a hay break. Eat as much as you want because there's plenty. 

Spread it all over the floor.

If you hear your agent or roommate or so forth coming up the stairs, find some "busy work" to do. 

For example, clean your paws or chew a snacker. 

That's all I want to say for now about my agent.

I'm in a very good mood about my achievement.

*I can’t find a word that means “a lot of hay.” I tried hayish and hayest and even hayfull. No luck.

What do you think of “hayey?” Or maybe it's hayie.

Which looks odd but this is not the easiest language in my opinion. For one thing the whole there-their-they’re drama. Come on.

Or thumb. There is no good reason for that b at the end. My name is not spelled “Mbelinda.”

Anyway I have to "get cracking" on my Midwest BunFest presentation which is about photos not words. Which is a good thing considering the above.



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