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Belinda Says Hay: “I Planned My Own Birthday Party”

Belinda Says Hay: I Planned My Own Birthday Party

Hello. It's Belinda. 

Thank you to everyone for the “Happy Birthday” messages on Wednesday. On Facebook and in my email. Some of you even added little movies or drawings. You made my day.

I am still getting back to some of your email messages. It takes me about an hour for each one. I have to think about what to say.

Sometimes I nod off which isn’t my fault.

Josh from the warehouse sent me a nice birthday gift. I can always count on him.

Last year he sent edible flowers. This year it was a box full of Belinda’s Blend herbal mix, Half-napper Mini-cookies and five boxes of Woodland Loops.

I also had a very fun party.

That’s right. Even though my roommate said “no party this year.”

My party had all of my favorite activities because I planned it myself. “Last-minute.”

In fact, I came up with the idea around noon on my birthday. And it all started because my roommate "pulled a fast one" with the mailbox.

Our mailbox is beside the front door. Sometimes I like to look outside for mail or deliveries.

Just in case there’s a box on the porch. You never know.

Belinda looks out front door for mail

You might remember the bird’s nest by the front window. Full of eggs a few weeks ago. Well they hatched.

My roommate worried that “Mama bird” and the babies would be afraid of strangers on the porch.

So she taped a sign over the mailbox:


Here’s the thing. She never told me about this sign.

So the morning of my birthday I kept “hanging out” by the front door. Thought I might hear a delivery truck pull up outside and a box hit the porch.

I got so bored waiting that I nodded off. Woke up at noon and still nothing.

I decided that Josh had forgotten my special day. I told myself that he had a lot on his schedule. Understandable to forget dates now and then.

Next thing you know I’m in the corner of the dining room tearing up the carpet. This was “phase one” of my birthday party.

The carpet is “off limits” per my roommate but enough is enough in my opinion.

After about five minutes I had to rest. I have not worked on that section of the carpet for months. I'm out of shape.

Next I moved to the steps that lead to the bedroom level. I like to dig in the “indent” where the carpet meets the step. It feels like I’m digging in dirt under a fence.

After a few minutes my ears were warm. I needed another break.

I walked back to the front door and dozed off. I woke to the sound of a key in the lock. Then my roommate pushing the door open and walking inside.

"Look what I found by the side door, Belinda!"

She was carrying the box from Josh. She also carried the handles of two grocery bags. They were filled with my favorite greens.

You might be wondering if she noticed the pile of carpet "stubs" in the corner of the dining room. 

And the other pile of carpet "debris" by the steps. 

I don't want to talk about that in my birthday blog.



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