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Belinda Says Hay: “I Scared the Petsitter”

Belinda Says Hay spokesrabbit blog. "I Scared the Petsitter" Oct 15 2023

Hello. It's Belinda.

Did you go to Midwest BunFest last weekend?

I mean the big rabbit festival in Columbus Ohio. 

If you did, let me know what you thought. Especially if you saw any good treats or toys. 

Write all about it in the comments. Or use

Midwest BunFest is organized by the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue. They take over an entire hotel. Rabbits come too. Not all rabbits though.

You can see photos of BunFest here.

I haven't looked at them. I can't.

I have such a bad case of FOMO.  "Fear of missing out."

Everyone at work knew I wanted to go and work the Small Pet Select table. My roommate knew it too.

Instead I was stuck at home with a petsitter.

That's right. My roommate went on a "mystery trip" last weekend. 

She didn't tell us where she was going. Just loaded the car with boxes of hay and Healthy Snackers and herbal mixes and took off.

You can read about that here. 

The petsitter was friendly enough. She gave us plenty of hay and snacks and fresh water. 

But she smelled funny in my opinion. Like old lemons.

I think it's just her perfume but I'm sorry. It stinks like something that fell behind the dryer.  

I shouldn't put this in my blog. It's gossip. 

Plus I don't think the petsitter will be back. Not after what happened.

It all started when she took a photo of me. 

"Aw, this one is so cute Belinda!"

She leaned toward me and held her phone near my face so I could see the screen.

The photo was terrible. 

Look at my eyebrow. 

I don't look like that.

A little while later she did it again. She looked up from her magazine and noticed me relaxing, minding my own business.

"Hold that pose, Belinda!"

I wasn't really posing but she pointed the phone in my direction anyway. I heard a click.

Then she fussed over the phone for a couple of minutes. Sliding things around on the screen. 

"Here you go Belinda. I hope you like my edits."

Are you kidding me right now. That's what I was thinking.

That looks like a baby parrot. 

I don't know what came over me in that moment but I thumped. I was so "out of sorts" about Midwest BunFest and my roommate taking all those snackers in her car. 

Having a "lemony" petsitter taking bird photos of me was too much. It was just the last straw in the bale if you know what I mean.

So a little while later, when the petsitter was running water on the bedroom  level, I pulled a fast one.

I "made my way" to a certain part of the house which I am not going to discuss. Let's just say it's a spot I know about but humans don't. 

And when a rabbit "goes missing" a petsitter looks high and low but they don't check my secret hidey hole. They might call my name over and over but spokesrabbits don't always answer. We're not parrots.

After a few hours I walked through the living room like everything was normal. The petsitter was sitting on the couch, reading. 

When she saw me her mouth dropped open but she didn't say a word.

Which was fine by me. 



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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