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Belinda Says Hay: “I’m Not Working”

Belinda Says Hay I'm Not Working

Hello. It’s Belinda.

Sometimes work does not feel like “work” and this is one of those weeks.

It’s all because of the comment box. I wake up in a good mood every day. Things are just better when you can check messages from your friends and write back.

My agent says I can have it every six weeks or so. Not for every blog.

Otherwise I’ll be “on the computer all night long” according to her which is hogwash.

Anyway I spent the week working on my answers for the Ask Belinda blog, which is the second wrinkle. If I want a comment box, I have to write the blog post as a question and answer column. Just for that day.

Not sure how I can let two weeks pass without reporting what’s going on at work. Customers need to know about special product bundles and hay news.

But we made a deal. “So be it.”

And to tell you the truth, my friends left some excellent questions for me to tackle.

For example, Cindy D. and Cassandra C. asked if I like traveling. “What does your roommate do to make sure you're comfortable when on the road (or in the air?)?”

And Dr. Fluffy M., PhD, wrote to me too. “What will be your Halloween costume this year?"

I froze in my tracks at that one. Because I have not even thought about Halloween. That’s how behind I am with everything that’s been going on. Last year I dressed up as a Lionhead.

So those are just a few examples. I’ve been working on the answers and having the time of my life.

Not sure how long the Ask Belinda blog is supposed to be but I’m up to 11 pages. It’s just a rough draft.

And I’m not working “all night long,” no matter what you might hear on the rumor mill.

Just because the laptop screen is lit up, that doesn’t mean I’m working at 2 a.m. I might have bumped it on the way to the litter box. Not my fault.

Or maybe I’m watching a video and hit a tab by mistake and the page switches to the comments. Once I’m there I might as well check for new messages. “Work smarter not harder.”

The tech team is monitoring me but my agent doesn’t need to know what I do in the evenings. For one thing, I like to watch videos of that man painting trees. “Bob Ross.” Helps me to fall asleep.

Tree videos have nothing to do with the comment box and I hope the tech team knows that. I covered the web cam with a piece of spinach so they can’t look at me.

This whole thing is complicated and my friend Isabel O. "nailed it” in my opinion.

She left a comment that said, “What do you like to do for fun when you're not working?”

I tried to write an answer and my mind went blank. Because this week has not felt like work at all.

It just feels like fun.



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