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Belinda Says Hay: “Learning to Negotiate”

Belinda Learning to Negotiate

Hello. It’s Belinda.

Turns out I’ve been doing things all wrong. I mean for getting the comment box back on my blog.

My way of getting what I want is to just do it. Like when I went behind everyone’s back and hired Abigail. I thought I’d be in big trouble for that one but look where we are six months later. Everyone’s happy.

Thought that would work for the comments too so I hacked into the blog system and set it up. After 82 of my friends wrote messages to me and vice versa I thought “the duck has come home.”

Seemed obvious the blog comments are, as the marketing books say, a value add.

But a few days later I tried to log in and my password didn’t work. Because my agent had the tech team change it. And then she gave me a big lecture about following company policy.

Well here’s what I found out about “policy.” They make it up as they go.

Dale Carnegie talks about it in his leadership book. He says everything in business is negotiable. That’s why he’s famous. Knew how to “wheel and deal.”

If you learn his system you can get your way even if your agent says no.

Sounds like a lot less hassle than getting a second job to pay for my own blog and Wi-Fi.  But I might only get one shot so I have to be "on my game."

I decided to practice the whole thing on my roommate. Try to negotiate terms re: my digging station in the corner of the dining room.

I followed Dale Carnegie’s steps in order.

Step 1: “Know what you want.”

This part is easy. I want to pull up the carpet in the corner of the dining room.

Step 2: “Know what the other side wants.”

My roommate wants me to use the digging box she set up for me. And sometimes I do.

But usually I have a "craving" to tug on the carpet and yank out the padding. You just can't do that in a cardboard box. No matter how roomy and thick.

Step 3: “Anticipate objections.”

I already know what they are.

Every time I get my paws into a good rhythm she starts yelling that I'm "destroying the house." 

Not sure what that has to do with fluffing up the carpet but there you go. A lot of overreacting in my opinion.

Step 4: “Be willing to give and take.”

Carnegie says you have to be ready to meet them half way.

No problem. For example, I’m willing to wait until she’s upstairs before I start digging. In return, she can agree to stay up there for 30 minutes.

Give me time to get under the corner and down to the floorboards.

Step 5: “Know when to walk away.”

This is where I crash the tractor.

Carnegie says if you can’t work things out you need to stop nagging. Just go do something else.

Well to me there’s a word for that. "Quitter."

Surprises me that someone like him would just give up when negotiations get a  little hot. "If you can't take the heat, stay out of the steel mill." If you know what I mean.    

Anyway I am going to keep digging in the dining room. And I am going to wheel and deal for a comment box. I am not a quitter.

Dale Carnegie knows a lot but not about rabbits.



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